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Our picture pages includes photos previously posted on our home page and submissions from our readers.  To submit a picture for use on our home page, click here and attach it.  It must be your own picture.  Please do not forward pictures from other sites.  Thank you.

  Photo Album Page 71
  • Amtrak's Turboliner sees action in Michigan.  [Paul Chapoton and Doug Leffler]

Photo Album Page 70
  • A GTW Medical Car stops at Jackson Yard, in 1963.  [Doug Leffler]

  • A southbound freight is headed by Ann Arbor 303 at Milan Tower.  [Charles Geletzke, Jr.]

  • D&M business train, with 1280 in the lead, leaves Cheboygan Yard.  [Neil Plagens]

  • A Canadian Pacific train passes through the Detroit-Windsor tunnel.  [Jim Potyraj]

Photo Album Page 69
  • Michigan Northern 213 is loaded into Chief Wawatam for the trip to the E&LS. 1980.  [Neil Plagens]

  • A Quincy and Torch Lake caboose weathers away at Hancock in 1970.  [Greg Bunce]

  • GTW Train No. 17 departs Lapeer.  [Elmer Trealor/Charlie Whipp Collection]

  • A westbound NYC passenger train crosses Parnall Road, north of Jackson.  [Cecil Hommerding, Doug Leffler Collection]

Photo Album Page 68
  • CN 5503 heads west, passing through the Lapeer interlocking limits.  1977. [Charlie Whipp]

  • An EB wreck train passes the MC Ann Arbor depot in 1915.  [Charles Milliken photo, Doug Leffler collection]

  • The NYC Jackson west dispatcher controlling the Air Line subdivision west of Jackson, 1963.  [Doug Leffler]

  • A NYC Mohawk pushes a westbound train at Hudson, Michigan.  [Doug Leffler collection]

Photo Album Page 67
  • A Michigan Central locomotive heads through downtown Battle Creek in 1915.  [Charles Milliken photo, Doug Leffler Collection]

  • CN 6540 heads up the Maple Leaf at Charlotte.  1969.  [Doug Leffler]

  • The original roundhouse at Jackson Jct. in 1915.  [Charles Milliken photo, Doug Leffler Collection]

  • TSBY's chopped nose RS-1 works the yard at Vasser in 1978.  [Doug Leffler]

Photo Album Page 66
  • Michigan Northern 1617 takes on water at Petoskey, courtesy of the local fire department.  [Neil Plagens]

  • The engineer of the GTW Jackson turn takes a cigarette break at Jackson Yard.  1964.  [Doug Leffler]

  • A 1983 photo of a Soo Line freight east of Manistique, Michigan.  [Neil Plagens, Mark Andersen Collection]

  • Ontonagon Pulp and Paper No. 6 at their plant in Ontonagon.

Photo Album Page 65
  • GTW 3750 awaits assignment at the Durand engine facility in 1958.  [Doug Leffler Collection]

  • A J3 Hudson streamliner passes Newport, Michigan  [Stanley Niedermeier]

  • New automobiles, covered in tarps, stop at Jackson.  [Charles Milliken, Doug Leffler Collection]

  • Michigan Central 4-4-0 locomotives stop at Grass Lake.  [Doug Leffler Collection]

Photo Album Page 64
  • GTW Passenger Train No. 17 crosses Bentley Street in Lapeer, in 1949.  [Elmer Treloar photo, Charlie Whipp Collection]

  • D&M 281 leads a plow "extra" train, clearing the line at Topinabee.  [Neil Plagens]

  • A Pere Marquette passenger train stops at St. Louis, Michigan early in the century.  [Alan Loftis Collection]

  • A MCRR Inspection Train stops at Standish, Michigan  [Dale Berry Collection]

Photo Album Page 63
  • A 1969 photograph of the GTW CTC machine controlling the Holly Subdivision.  [Doug Leffler]

  • A Union Pacific streamliner visits Jackson, Michigan, in 1934.  [Charles Milliken/Doug Leffler Collection]

  • A double-header NYC freight train leaves Jackson Jct. heading west.  [Doug Leffler Collection]

  • A cab ride through Jackson, Michigan yard, in the 1950's.  [Harlan Smith photo, Doug Leffler Collection].

Photo Album Page 62
  • Conrail 9205 works north of Tyson Street on the Jackson Belt, in 1979.  [Doug Leffler]

  • A Michigan Northern train, headed by the 1603, south of Cadillac in 1982.  [Neil Plagens]

  • A track pan installation on the New York Central.  [Jim Tarbell photo, Doug Leffler Collection]

  • Penn Central 8044 leads train BM-7 west from Jackson on the Air Line.  1970's  [Doug Leffler]

Photo Album Page 61
  • GTW 1951, an RS-1, heads up the Jackson turn at MAL Crossing in Jackson County.  [Doug Leffler]

  • Cecil Hommerding poses for a photograph with friends on a rail trip.  [Doug Leffler Collection]

  • The Amtrak Turbo Train passes BO Interlocking Tower in the 1970's.  [Mark Hinsdale]

  • Inside of a Railway Post Office car at Jackson, Michigan in 1963.  [Doug Leffler]

Photo Album Page 60
  • D&M 466 switches Chief Wawatam at Mackinaw City, in 1977.  [Neil Plagens]

  • Michigan Central old roundhouse No. 1 at Jackson in 1916.  [Charles Milliken, Doug Leffler collection]

  • O&M No. 61 awaits assignment at Blissfield.  [Jim Tarbell, Doug Leffler Collection]

  • PRR 5801 prepares to leave Mackinaw City with a passenger train in the late 1940's.  [Cecil Hommerding, Doug Leffler Collection]

Photo Album Page 59

  • NYC 5351 highballs with a passenger train WB west of Jackson, Michigan  [Doug Leffler Collection]

  • D&M 481 leads an Alpena-bound train over the Cheboygan River, in 1977.  [Neil Plagens]

  • D&TSL #50 leads a freight train at Lang Yard in Toledo, Ohio in 1973.  [Doug Leffler]

  • DC&S No. 5 with a short freight train at an unknown location in the 1940's.  [Jim Tarbell photo, Leffler Collection]

Photo Album Page 58
  • C&O caboose A364 on the end of a train at Grand Haven, in 1953.  [Doug Leffler Collection]

  • CN 6218 leads a Michigan Railroad Club excursion trip at Durand in 1966.  [Bill Moore]

  • Conrail 9944, an RS-3, awaits assignment at Battle Creek, in 1979.  [Greg Bunce]

  • NYC 5214 and CPR Royal Hudson 285, sit side by side at the Windsor. [Novak photo, Charlie Whipp Collection]

Photo Album Page 57
  • An old bridge abutment on the former MC freight line to C&S Jct., near Nebraska Avenue.  [Dale Berry]

  • A New York Central freight train on the Caro Branch, in 1950.  [Al Smith Collection]

  • Amtrak No. 353 passes BO Tower in Kalamazoo, in 1979.  [Doug Leffler Collection]

  • Taxi's pick up passengers at the Big Four station in Elkhart, Indiana  [Dave Mille Collection]

Photo Album Page 56
  • GTW diesel and steam locomotives sit side by side at the Durand engine facility, in 1958.  [Doug Leffler Collection]

  • Soo Line 701 leads a short train around the wye at Hancock, on to the lift bridge.  1970's  [Rob Kitchen]

  • The Chief Wawatam arrives at Mackinaw City with a load of cars, in 1978.  [Greg Bunce]

  • Milwaukee Road Train No. 35 is 12 hours late due to snow, at Channing in 1908.  [Mark Worrall Collection]

Photo Album Page 55
  • D&TSL switcher 118 is photographed in GTW's Battle Creek Yard in 1983.  [Doug Leffler]

  • Soo Line 700, full of snow, waits at the East Houghton Yard, in 1973.  [Rob Kitchen]

  • H. E. Smith dispatches the Middle Division at Jackson, Michigan in 1952.  [Al Smith Collection]

  • C&O 106 stops with its passenger train at Alden, Michigan in 1952.  [Doug Leffler Collection]

Photo Album Page 54
  • The New York Central's Twilight Limited observation car pauses at Jackson, in 1963.  [Doug Leffler]

  • C&O 6066 and and 6099 are parked in front of the Bad Axe depot.  Early 1980's.  [Charlie Whipp]

  • Penn Central 6135 leads westbound train DC-1 on the Air Line, west of Jackson.  [Doug Leffler]

  • A NYC passenger train from Grand Rapids passes the old Jackson Prison in 1953.  [Doug Leffler Collection]

Photo Album Page 53
  • D&M 181 and 381 lead a SB train between Cheboygan and Gaylord.  1980.  [Neil Plagens]

  • The American Freedom Train passes west of Owosso, in 1975.  [Charlie Whipp]

  • A streamlined Grand Trunk Western 6405 heads up a passenger train at Battle Creek.  [Jim Tarbell]

  • Keweenaw Central No. 29 loads coal at Calumet in 1969.  [Greg Bunce]

Photo Album Page 52
  • A self portrait of MC Conductor Charles Milliken, taken in a caboose in 1915.    [Doug Leffler Collection]

  • Section crews remove the diamond at Tower A in Albion in 1916.  [Doug Leffler Collection]

  • A westbound MC passenger train arrives at the Albion depot in 1916.  [Doug Leffler Collection]

  • A variety of Alco power waits assignment at NYC's Jackson engine facility.  1963  [Doug Leffler]

Photo Album Page 51
  • Detroit & Mackinaw 977 switches the Chief at Mackinaw City in the early 1980's.  [Rob Kitchen]

  • GTW 5629 pulls a Michigan Railroad Club excursion into Jackson, in 1969.  [Doug Leffler Collection]

  • Grand Trunk Western train 450 from Muskegon sets off cars at Johnson Avenue, Pontiac.  [Charlie Whipp]

  • Milwaukee Road's diesel shops at Green Bay, Wisconsin in 1973.  [Greg Bunce]

Photo Album Page 50
  • MIGN 1205 is off-loaded from the Chief at St. Ignace, enroute to the E&LS.  [Neil Plagens]

  • C&O and B&O units switch the Medusa Cement plant south of Petosky, in 1977.  [Greg Bunce]

  • New York Central locomotives in storage in Jackson, Michigan in the 1950's.  [Doug Leffler Collection]

  • Boyne City Railroad's English locomotive taking on fuel and water at Boyne City, 1977.  [Mark Andersen]

Photo Album Page 49
  • Michigan Northern 1216, a Baldwin "Shark", pulls a freight into the siding at Kalkaska.  [Greg Bunce]

  • GTW 4706 pulls the Romeo subdivision local near Washington, Michigan in 1987.  [Charlie Whipp]

  • D&M motor car 202 speeds through Greenbush, Michigan.  [Dale Berry Collection]

  • NYC 8026 changes crews at the "Cinder Path" at Jackson in 1964.  [Doug Leffler]

Photo Album Page 48
  • Interurban rail is torn out of the street in downtown Port Huron, in 2006.  [Dan Meinhard]

  • GTW 5811 pulls the Pere Marquette 1225 near Haslett in 1983.  [Charlie Whipp]

  • Three photos of LS&I Alco road switchers working in and around Marquette in 1973.  [Greg Bunce]

  • An eastbound passenger train passes the Pearl Street home signal in Jackson, early 1950's.  [Doug Leffler Collection]

Photo Album Page 47
  • Chesapeake & Ohio 3866 leads a freight train past the Williamston elevator in 1982.  [Charlie Whipp]

  • Western Michigan University's incline railroad.  [Mark Worrall collection]

  • C&O Berkshires sit awaiting their fate in 1954 in Grand Haven.  [Doug Leffler Collection]

  • A DSS&A section crew poses for a photograph somewhere in the Upper Peninsula.  [Mark Worrall Collection]

Photo Album Page 46
  • B&O 4029 pulls a C&O freight train past Tappan Interlocking Tower in the 1970's.  [Charlie Whipp]

  • PRR 5801 switches a passenger train consist at Mackinaw City in the 1950's.  [Doug Leffler Collection]

  • C&O 1617 Allegheny locomotive switches between trains at Walbridge.  [Doug Leffler Collection]

  • An ALCO-GE demonstrator set and train at Jackson, Michigan  [Doug Leffler Collection]

Photo Album Page 45
  • PRR 9830 leads a freight train near Mackinaw City in 1950.  [Doug Leffler Collection]

  • GTW 9027 pulls a freight across Emmet Street, Battle Creek, in 1962.  [Doug Leffler]

  • NYC 1627 pulls a westbound freight out of Jackson, Michigan in the 1950's.  [Doug Leffler Collection]

  • GTW 4912 heads up a westbound freight at Rochester Jct. in 1983.  [Charlie Whipp Collection]

Photo Album Page 44
  • A Wabash freight picks up orders at CN's Walkerville, Ontario depot.  [Doug Leffler]

  • Dwight Eisenhower campaigns by train in Jackson in 1952.  [Doug Leffler Collection]

  • Two photos of American Heritage Foundation's Freedom Train, on display in 1948 in Jackson.  [Doug Leffler Collection]

  • GTW 5046 comes off the turntable at Jackson, Michigan.  [Doug Leffler Collection]

Photo Album Page 43
  • GTW 4540 sits on the engine service track at Lansing Yard. 1982  [Jim Slater]

  • NYC Budd Car M499 changes crews at Bay City.  1963  [Doug Leffler]

  • The NYC Coach Yard job switches in front of the Jackson station.  1950's.  [Doug Leffler]

  • A NYC baseball passenger special deadheads northbound through Warren.  [E Novak/C Whipp coll]

Photo Album Page 42
  • The Amtrak Niagara exits the tunnel at Windsor, heading east.  1978  [Charlie Whipp]

  • LS&I 32 sits on the ready track at Presque Isle  [Mark Andersen]

  • GTW 1976, their bicentennial locomotive, on display at Durand Yard.  [James McCann]

  • A Michigan Central car repair crew poses for a photo at Grayling in 1912  [Mark Worrall Collection]

Photo Album Page 41
  • A wreck on the Michigan Central Haakwood Branch.  [Mark Worrall Collection]

  • Loading sugar beets in Plymouth, bound for Saginaw.  1918  [Mark Worrall Collection]

  • A 1890's derailment of the Michigan Central at Tower "A" in Albion.  [T. J. Gaffney Collection]

  • NYC Train DC-1 heads west from Jackson on the "Air Line".  [Rahn Stokes photo, Doug Leffler Collection]

Photo Album Page 40
  • M&NE locomotive 325 is photographed at Manistee, MI with a combine coach.  [Mark Andersen Collection]

  • Loggers load logs on to a Manistee & Northeastern flat car.  [Charles Showalter Collection]

  • One of the last Penn Central trains passes the Big Rapids depot.  [Greg Bunce]

  • A 1908 photo of an EJ&S logging train in the woods near East Jordan.

Photo Album Page 39
  • A GR&I snowplow stops for maintenance at Kalkaska, MI.  1908.  [Mark Worrall Collection]

  • The Silver Diner, on Michigan Avenue in Parma.  [Rusty Davis Collection]

  • An early velocipede track car in the woods near Boyne City.  [Dale Berry collection]

  • A GTW locomotive and crew at Lenox (Richmond), Michigan.  [T. J. Gaffney Collection]

Photo Album Page 38
  • Penn Central 2626 leads a northbound coal train through Durand in 1971.  [Charlie Whipp]

  • A New York Central rail detector car near the roundhouse at Jackson, MI.  1970  [Charlie Whipp]

  • A C&NW powered coke train proceeds under the old coaling tower at Lansing.  1983  [Jim Slater]

  • NYC crews repair a bearing failure on M-499, an RDC car at Rochester.  [Charlie Whipp]

Photo Album Page 37
  • Detroit Terminal No. 112 works near Davison Yard in Detroit, 1973.

  • Milwaukee Road 773, the Iron Mountain switcher, waits for the Groveland Mine run.  1973  [Greg Bunce]

  • The MILW Groveland Mine run brings empties back to the mine from Iron Mountain.  1979  [Greg Bunce]

  • A TSBY inspection train for MDOT in the Boardman Valley near Traverse City, 1997  [Mark Andersen]

Photo Album Page 36
  • M&NE flat car #643 at the Manistee coal docks in 1902.  [Charles Showalter Collection]

  • BCG&A Motor No. 17 pauses for a photograph along it's route.  [Mark Worrall Collection]

  • A Michigan Central passenger train navigates flood waters near Battle Creek in 1908.  [Mark Worrall Collection]

  • A CSX coal train and the Allegan local pass near the Holland Depot.  [Mark Andersen]

Photo Album Page 35
  • The GTW PO&N local at Pigeon, Michigan in 1972.  [Charlie Whipp]

  • Mail delivery on the Manistique & Lake Superior, in 1934, at Steuben.  [Mark Worrall Collection]

  • LS&I 32, a 2-8-0, awaits assignment at the Presque Isle roundhouse.  [Mark Andersen Collection]

  • Michigan Northern 1216 peeks out of the engine house at Cadillac.  [Dennis Schmidt]

Photo Album Page 34
  • Penn Central 7821, a GP-38, leads the local SB at Clark Road, South of Lapeer in 1975.  [Charlie Whipp]

  • The Pere Marquette's "High Bridge", north of Baldwin, taken in 1908.  [Mark Worrall Collection]

  • Penn Central 7885 leads the last PC train at Big Rapids  [Greg Bunce]

  • A CK&S passenger train stops for passengers and a photo at Delton, Michigan  [Larry Gibson Collection]

Photo Album Page 33
  • The DT&I Delta turn heads south from Flat Rock Yard.  1955 [Al Paterson photo, Charlie Whipp Collection]

  • Milwaukee Road timed freight, No. 69, passes Beaver, Wisconsin.  1973.  [Greg Bunce]

  • VIA 6417 leads the westbound International at Lapeer, in 1989.  [Charlie Whipp]

  • C&O 3714 passes the interlocking tower at Mershon, on the north side of Saginaw. 1983.  [Jim Slater]

Photo Album Page 32
  • A Michigan Railway caboose near Grand Rapids, 1918.  [Mark Worrall Collection]

  • Frederick & Charlevoix Railroad No. 1 [Mark Worrall Collection]

  • Wisconsin Central 4013 backs on to the turntable at Marquette Yard.  1992  [Mark Andersen]

  • A Milwaukee Road ore train from Groveland Mine heads into Iron Mountain.  1973  [Greg Bunce]

Photo Album Page 31
  • D&TSL 44 leads a freight train across the Vickers, Ohio diamond near Toledo, Ohio.  [Charlie Whipp]

  • An interurban electric car passes the depot at Ortonville, Michigan.  [Alan Loftis Collection]

  • B&O #52, along with a B-Unit, stands by at the Pere Marquette 21st St. roundhouse.  [William Miller]

  • The DSS&A ore dock at Marquette, Michigan.  [Mike Tabone collection]

Photo Album Page 30
  • NYC 1838 receives orders from the operator at Saginaw West Side station.  [George Bean]

  • Conrail 5641 proceeds slowly over the CK&S trestle at Hastings. 1976.  [Doug Leffler]

  • Wyandotte Terminal's Baldwin switcher, working at the BASF plant, 1976.  [Charlie Whipp]

  • A PRR motor car, built by the Sheffield Car Company, at Three Rivers.  [Alan Loftis Collection]

Photo Album Page 29
  • A FM C-Liner leads an interesting lashup on a WB NYC passenger train at Jackson.  [Doug Leffler Collection]

  • Winter snow plow action on the Manistique Railroad, near Grand Marias.  [David Fulkerth Collection]

  • The Pere Marquette wye and roundhouse at Plymouth, in the early 1900's.  [Mark Worrall Collection]

  • A 21000 series way car brings up the read of a Penn Central coal train at Henderson.  [Charlie Whipp]

Photo Album Page 28
  • The Pere Marquette depot in Midland, under water due to a flood.  [Alan Loftis Collection]

  • A C&NW powered coke train proceeds under the old GTW coaling tower at Lansing.  [Jim Slater]

  • N&W switcher 3369 leads a wide load from the Union Belt at Delray Tower.  [Dennis Schmidt]

  • The D&M Bicentennial train leaving Tawas City for Alpena, 1976.  [Larry Gibson]

Photo Album Page 27
  • A SEMTA commuter train rounds the bend after leaving Brush Street Station.  1982  [Charlie Whipp]

  • GTW 8310 passes the NYC Genesee Street Station in Saginaw.  1950's.  [Ernie Novak, Charlie Whipp Coll]

  • A late 1950's photo of a NYC passenger train on the Old Road, near Hillsdale.  [Victor Baird Collection]

  • The Bankers Motor Car group pauses at the former NYC Lenawee Jct. Station  [Irving Estell]

Photo Album Page 26
  • New York Central's Mercury, train No. 75, proceeds west at Central Avenue.  [Patterson photo, Whipp collection]

  • Michigan Central's Jackson Depot, with passenger trains , in the 1930's.  [Doug Leffler Collection]

  • N&W 1627 west passes Milan interlocking tower, in 1984.  [Jim Slater]

  • A 1907 winter scene on the Copper Range Railroad near Houghton, Michigan.

Photo Album Page 25
  • Penn Central train BD-2 goes for beans at Oxford, MI in 1972.  [Charlie Whipp]

  • Two Pere Marquette passenger trains pose for a picture in front of the Edmore depot.  [Alan Loftis Collection]

  • NYC (Big Four) 1707, heads south on the Jackson branch near Willbee Concrete.  [Doug Leffler Collection]

  • Amtrak's Turbo Train stops at Ann Arbor station to pick up passengers.  [Charlie Whipp]

Photo Album Page 24
  • D&TSL 50 and 43 await assignment at Lang Yard, 1960's.  [Dale Berry]

  • Manistique & Lake Superior 2380 moves off the turntable at Manistique.  [Dave Fulkerth Collection]

  • A Pere Marquette locomotive backs through the power switch at Clio, in 1927.

  • NYC passenger trains wait at Bay City's East Side station, in 1953.  [Al Smith]

Photo Album Page 23
  • An empty C&O West Olive coal train passes MA Tower in Lansing in 1984.  [Jim Slater]

  • Wabash 600 arrives with a passenger train at Fort Street Union Depot.  1948  [Elmer Treloar]

  • NYC 7526, with the Ypsi local, backs through town pushing its caboose.  1950  [Charlie Whipp Collection]

  • A Milwaukee Road passenger train crosses the lift bridge in Houghton.

Photo Album Page 22
  • A DT&I freight train passes Carleton interlocking tower.  [Charlie Whipp]

  • GTW No. 19 passes the Lowell depot and water tower, in 1937.  [Wm. Miller photo, Charlie Whipp Coll.]

  • The remaining slip switches at CP West Detroit on Conrail Shared Assets.  [John Boehl]

  • Michigan Central's Mercury steams out of Jackson towards Chicago, in the 1930's.  [Doug Leffler Collection]

Photo Album Page 21
  • Front and back views of the NYC 20th Century Limited at Dunlap, Indiana, 1966  [Eugene Burrell]

  • A New York Central freight train highballs the main line at Jackson Jct. 1940's.  [Al Smith Collection]

  • The Union Depot (PM/GTW) in South Lyon, in the 1940's.  [Dale Berry Collection]

  • Interlocking levers 6 through 11 at Delray Tower in southwest Detroit.  [Nathan Nietering]

Photo Album Page 20
  • GTW steam engine 5629 is serviced at the diamond at Durand, after pulling an excursion.  [Doug Schmidt]
  • A GTW local freight services industry in Lapeer, near the Lapeer Co-Op, 1985.  [Charlie Whipp]
  • NYC 1924, a H-7 class, poses with crew at the Michigan Central's Jackson Yard.  [Doug Leffler Collection]
  • Milwaukee Road 35-A, leads the Copper Country Limited at Calumet station.  [Bill Moore]
Photo Album Page 19
  • A GTW mixed train heads west past the South Lyon Witch's Hat Depot, 1950's.  [Charlie Whipp Collection]
  • A GTW gravel train pulls past XD Tower in Oxford, the crossing of the NYC.  [Charlie Whipp Collection]
  • A passenger train stops for passengers at the Corunna depot.  [Charlie Whipp Collection]
  • C&O Engine 98, prepares to leave Fort Street Union Depot, with an outbound train.  [Charlie Whipp Collection]
Photo Album Page 18
  • M&LS 2380 prepares to drive onto the turntable at Manistique. 1950 [Dave Fulkerth Collection]
  • A Michigan Central passenger train scoops water from the track pan at Dexter.  [Mark Worrall Collection]
  • Penn Central 6328, a C-630, at the Jackson Engine Facility.  [Doug Leffler]
  • Toledo Terminal rail bus #36, at their Toledo engine facility, in 1969.  [Dennis Schmidt]
Photo Album Page 17
  • A Michigan Central passenger train discharges passengers at Grayling.  1930's.  [Alan Loftis Collection]
  • A southbound Ann Arbor passenger train at Clare Union Station.  [Dave Fulkerth Collection]
  • Conrail's Vermontville turn, taken in 1976 at Caledonia.  [Doug Leffler photo].
  • M&LS #2380 pulls on the turntable at Manisqitue.  [Dave Fulkerth Collection]
Photo Album Page 16
  • NYC BD-2 passes a northbound train at Vasser.  1960.  [Charlie Whipp Collection]
  • A 0-4-0T locomotive pulls a logging train over a temporary trestle near Farwell.
  • A NYC "Beeliner" heads north across M.A.L. Interlocking, near Jackson.  [Doug Leffler Collection]
  • NYC 7517 is steam cleaned and rinsed at the Jackson engine terminal.  1947  [Doug Leffler]
Photo Album Page 15
  • GR&I Northland Limited along the Lake Michigan shore near Bay View.
  • GTW 4540 waits overnight at the engine facility at Lansing Yard.  1982  [Jim Slater]
  • NYC 5926 pulls its freight into Jackson, on the old LS&MS Jacksonburgh branch [Doug Leffler Collection]
  • GTW 2684 highballs eastbound near M.A.L. Jct., Jackson.  [Doug Leffler Collection]

Photo Album Page 14

  • D&M 281 heads SB past the Grayling depot. 1990.  [Jim Slater]
  • The Chessie System's West Olive coal train heads over the Grand River. 1988 [Jim Slater]
  • Michigan Central 7707 leads a freight at Rives Junction. 1910 [Doug Leffler Collection]
  • A Michigan Central 4-4-0 pulls a freight east near Leoni. 1890 [Doug Leffler Collection]

Photo Album Page 13

  • Ann Arbor Railroad FT-4 pulls NYC interchange cars across the Huron River.  [Charlie Whipp]
  • OD interlocking tower in Jackson, with a SB Big Four Mikado taking the wye.  [Doug Leffler Coll.]
  • C&NW Alco C-630's meet in ore service at the passing siding at Little Lake. 1980's.  [Charlie Whipp]
  • Conrail 6599 (LATO) passes MA Tower in Lansing, enroute to Jackson.  1985  [Jim Slater]

Photo Album Page 12

  • Ann Arbor 301 and 303, pull their southbound freight train near Byron, Michigan.  [Charlie Whipp]

  • Pere Marquette No. 17, a GE "doodlebug", with passengers at Croswell.  [T. J. Gaffney Collection]

  • The Michigan Central Railroad international tunnel portal in Detroit.  [Dale Berry Collection]

  • A Pere Marquette track inspection crew with their handcars near Vasser, Michigan.

Photo Album Page 11

  • D&M 481 and 466 pull B-52 Simulator Train at Tawas City, 1963.  [Harold Frye]
  • CN TankTrain is northbound north of Mershon in the 1970's  [Robert Smith]
  • The Penn Central and GTW locals meet for a photo-op at Rochester Jct. in 1970.  [E.L.Novak]
  • Essex Terminal #106 pulls a string of freight cars near Windsor, Ontario.  1976  [Dennis Schmidt]

Photo Album Page 10

  • A northbound Grand Rapids & Indiana passenger train stops to take on passengers at Reed City.
  • A track inspection car made by the Kalamazoo Motor Car Company.  Date/location unknown.
  • Chessie System (C&O) #3010, a EMD GP-30, pulls a freight through Holly, MI in 1975. [Charlie Whipp]
  • An EJ&S passenger train loads passengers at East Jordan depot.  [Alan Loftis Collection]

Photo Album Page 9

  • Penn Central 6109, a former Central RR of New Jersey unit, leads NY-4 near Spring Arbor. [Doug Leffler]
  • East Jordan & Southern diesel locomotive M.L. 1, at Bellaire, Michigan.  [Don Le Messurier Collection]
  • Penn Central 8102, pulls a merchandise freight EB past the Jackson depot. 1975 [Charlie Whipp]
  • A very small locomotive has moved this Michigan Central box car for unloading.  About 1913. 

Photo Album Page 8

  • Port Huron & Detroit No. 60, with caboose, at the Port Huron PH&D offices. 1970's [Charlie Whipp]
  • Manistique Pulp & Paper's switcher in Manistique, in a 1967 photo.  [Bill Moore]
  • Dredging the Black River Canal in Port Huron, with the GTW bridge behind.  1908.  [Port Huron Museum]
  • The first locomotive services in the GT Battle Creek shops.  Early 1900's.  [Alan Loftis Collection]

Photo Album Page 7

  • NYC BD-2 near Oxford on the Bay City Branch. [Charlie Whipp Collection]
  • The operator at the Saginaw west side depot hoops up orders to the northbound freight.  [George Bean]
  • Huron Portland Cement 0-6-0 No. 8 at their Alpena Quarry in 1960  [Harold Frye]
  • C&NW 6730, an Alco C630, pulls an ore train towards Escanaba, at Partridge Jct. 1980's [Charlie Whipp]

Photo Album Page 6

  • Addison Jct., the crossing of the Cincinnati Northern and the DT&M.  [Mark Worrell Collection]
  • N&W 547, a high-nosed GP-30, works as the Milan local switcher in 1987.  [Charlie Whipp]
  • Soo Line 1003, leading at SLH&TS passenger special,  at Powers, Michigan. 1999.  [Mark Andersen]
  • The Michigan Central passenger depot in Detroit, circa 1940.  [Jim Betacourt Collection]

Photo Album Page 5

  • TSBY 390, in Ann Arbor colors, leads a triple header up Boon Hill. 1993 [Mark Andersen]
  • GTW freight train, with new F-units, passes the Lansing depot.  1949 [Elmer Treloar/Charlie Whipp Coll]
  • GTW 1951, pulls a short freight train EB near Corunna. 1951 photograph.  [Charlie Whipp photo]

  • Conrail 6486 and train blow out of the Detroit-Windsor tunnel in 1986.  [Charlie Whipp photo]

Photo Album Page 4

  • A PM section crew and section car [Mark Worrall Collection]
  • NYC Beeliner 633 passing BD-2 at Oxford [Novak photo, Whipp Colleciton]
  • New York Central locomotive 5282, a J1d Class Hudson, is turned at Livernois Yard. [Novak/Whipp]
  • One of two giant New York Central Livernois Roundhouses in 1954.  [Charlie Whipp Collection]

Photo Album Page 3

  • A Chicago & West Michigan Furniture Car
  • Conrail WDGR NB on the Kalamazoo Secondary [Ben Higdon]
  • The Flying Scotsman in Lansing 1979 [Merritt Schwarnweber]
  • A PM passenger train clouds up Brown City. [Alan Loftis Collection]

Photo Album Page 2

  • Two AuSable and Northwestern trains pass at the depot at Russell, Michigan.  [Dale Berry collection]
  • Detroit & Toledo Shore Line Geeps pass GTW's Royal Oak station [Charlie Whipp photo]
  • Pennsylvania's RED ARROW passes old Delray Tower, 1941 [E.L.Nowak photo]
  • The Chessie Steam Special at South Lyon - 1981.  [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 1

  • GTW 6405 poses in front of the Durand Depot with a group of children. 1950's.  [E. L. Novak Photo, Charlie Whipp Collection]

  • GTW 6829 pulls a Michigan Railroad Club steam excursion between Pontiac and Jackson, Michigan in 1967.  [Dale Berry Photo]

  • Detroit & Mackinac steam locomotive and train approach the stone depot at Harrisville in this post card view.

  • An NYC GP-7 passes the interlocking tower at Lapeer.  1960's.  [Brian Thom Collection]


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