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Location Dates of Operation Information




Detroit - MCRR near the  Advanced Departure Yard

Start: Unknown

Estimated operation through the 1950's

Large icing facility for railroad refrigerated box cars.  Located on the property south of the MCRR main line, between Greenfield Road on the west, and Miller Road on the east.  This is the triangle area bordering the main line, junction yard branch, and the old and new wye to Town Line.

Durand - Grand Trunk Western

Start:  Unknown

End:  Unknown

No other information known.  Photos for this facility are located at the Michigan Railroad Museum in Durand.  Info from Robert Conrad.

Elberta - AARR

Start: Unknown

End of Operation: Unknown

The Ann Arbor Railroad apparently had an ice house in operation at Elberta, which was reported to have been east of their roundhouse.  Info from AAH&TA documents.  See photos below.

Melvindale - Wabash

Start:  Unknown

End of Operation: Unknown

An ice house was located in the Wabash Yard in Melvindale (now NS Manifest Yard).  [Info from Greg Degowski]

Niles - MCRR

Start: Unknown

End of Operation: Unknown

Still standing: 2002

Built and operated by the Michigan Central Railroad.  Info from Gary Schoenleber.

Port Huron - GTW

Start: Unknown

End of Operation: Unknown

See photos below.  [Charlie Whipp colleciton]


Two photos of the icing operations of the Grand Trunk Western at their Port Huron yard, 1928.  [Charlie Whipp collection]