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Source Key




RRHX, the Michigan Internet Railroad History Museum, would like to thank the following individuals who have contributed content to this historical site:

  • Carl Bajema.  Historical information about northern Michigan railroads.
  • Ken Borg.  Information about swing bridges connecting Zug Island to the mainland.
  • Greg Bunce. Information about E&LS and CN dispatch centers, timetable information.
  • Paul Cameron.  Photographs.
  • Mark Dobronski, Scottsdale, Arizonia.  Historical photographs and interlocker information.
  • Gary L. Franks, Perrysburg, Ohio.  Information about Maumee River bridges.
  • Dave Fulkerth.  Photos from northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.
  • T. J. Gaffney, Curator of Collections, Port Huron Museum.  Port Huron information.
  • Ben Higdon, Kalamazoo.  Roundhouse information. Branch closures. Wrecks.
  • Dave LeCount.  Boyne City Railroad information.
  • Alan Loftis, Farmington, MI.  Many 100 year old depot photos and postcards.
  • Kevin Marthen.  Moveable bridge information.
  • Steven McDonald.  Information about locomotive building.
  • Fritz Milhaupt. Webmaster, Pere Marquette Historical Society.  Information on named trains from the Pere Marquette and Grand Trunk Western.  Also, bridge information from throughout Michigan.
  • Dan Meinhard.  Photos of Port Huron & Detroit roundhouse.
  • Graydon "Don" Meints, Kalamazoo.  Railroad historian. Research sources and numerous other contributions.
  • Bill Moore.  Upper Peninsula railroad photos.  Bill is from Muskegon, MI
  • Nathan Nietering and the Chessie Chapter.  Photos and information about the CSX.
  • Don Ross Collection.  Historic photographs.
  • Tim Shanahan.  Photos of bridges and coal towers.
  • Steve Shick.  Moveable bridge information
  • Ray Slate.  Information on fatal train wrecks.
  • Jim Slater.  Depot photos, particularly those in the "thumb".
  • Robert W. Smith.  Photos of the Saginaw area, including MX Tower.
  • Bill Stahl.  Moveable bridge information
  • Bob Thatcher.  Moveable bridge information.
  • Brian Thom. Brighton, Michigan.  Lapeer Jct. photograph
  • Kevin Toombs.  CN dispatching information.
  • Charlie Whipp.  Many interlocking tower photos, maps, and tower opening and closing information.  Also, photos taken by Michigan Central Railroad Engineer E. L. Novak.
  • Mark Worrall.  Historical information about various shortlines.  Historical photographs.

Also, the following texts and periodicals have been used to gather historical information:

  • Detroit, A Postcard History.  Bak, Richard.  Arcadia Publishing.  1998.
  • Detroit 1860-1899 Images of America.  Poremba, David Lee. Arcadia Publishing.  1998.
  • Ghost Towns of Michigan, Volume II.  Wakefield, Larry.  Thunder Bay Press. 1995.
  • The Inside Track, Ann Arbor Train and Trolley Watchers. 1974-1983.
  • Michigan Place Names.  Romig, Larry.  Detroit, Michigan: Wayne State University Press, 1986.
  • Michigan Railroads & Railroad Companies.  Meints, Graydon M.  Michigan State University Press, 1992.
  • Pere Marquette Power.  Million, Arthur B. and Dixon Jr., Thomas W.  C&O Historical Society, 1984