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The following sources have been used to compile the time line and other pages on this site...


[AArgus] = Alpena Argus newspaper.

[AATHA] = Ann Arbor Railroad Technical and Historical Association newsletter "The Double A"

[AB] = Information provided at Michigan History Conference from Andrew Bailey, Port Huron, MI

[AL] = Alan Loftis, Farmington, Michigan.

[AS] = Al Smith, historian.

[ATDC] = Along the Tracks in Dickenson County.  William J. Cummings.  Secord Press, 1993.

[BH] = Ben Higdon, Kalamazoo.

[BOM] = Buildings of Michigan by Kathryn Bishop Eckert.  Published in 1993 by Oxford University Press.

[CB] = research by historian Carl Bajema, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

[CCEN] = The Copper Country Evening News, Calumet, Michigan.

[CD] =  The Cheboygan Democrat newspaper, Cheboygan, Michigan.

[CMS-yyyy] = Annual Report of the Commissioner of Mineral Statistics of the State of Michigan.

[COHS-mm/yy] = Chesapeake & Ohio Historical Magazine + issue date.

[CRAR] = Copper Range Railroad annual reports.  State of Michigan Library.

[CRH] = The Copper Range Railroad by Clarence J. Monett, 1989

[CRP1] = "The 14th Line Dummy and Milwaukee Junction", by Charles R. Petcher. Michigan Railfan, February, 1981.

[CRWS] = Copper Range Web Site

[CW] = Charles Whipp, Lapeer, Michigan

[DB] = Dale Berry, editor.

[DK] = David Kindem, Grand Haven, Michigan

[DPG] = Dearborn Press and Guide - 9/23/1999

[DPH] = Detroit, A Postcard History.  Reference.

[DRK] = Henry Ford Museum & GreenfieldVillage Rail Collection, by David R. Kovl, et. al.  1993.

[D18] = Detroit 1860-1899 Images of America.  Reference.

[DLC] = Dave LeCount.

[DMAR-yyyy] = Detroit & Mackinac Ry. Annual Reports, State of Michigan Library files.

[DMH] = Dan Meinhard, Port Huron, MI.

[DT] = The Daily Telegram (Adrian) Newspaper

[DWS] = Detroit in it's World Setting, edited by David L. Poremba, Wayne State University Press, Detroit. c. 2001

[EDP-mm/dd/yyyy] = Escanaba Daily Press

[EHMT] = The Early History of a Mining Town, by Robert D. Dobson, Dobson Publications, Negaunee, MI,  c. 2005

[ELI] = "Edison, His Life and Inventions", by F. L. Dyer and T. C. Martin.

[ELSW] = Escanaba & Lake Superior web site history.

[EMRn] = When Eastern Michigan Rode the Rails.  n=Book number.  Jack E. Schramm - William H. Henning - Richard R. Andrews.  c. 1994 Transportation Trails.

[FFTF-IR] = Frames For The Future Iron River Area.  Marcia Bernhardt, Editor, Iron County Historical and Museum Society, Iron River, Michigan. c. 1980

[FP] = Frank Prassic, Albion area historian.

[JH] = Jim Harlow, former Penn Central/Conrail employee

[GB] = Greg Bunce, E&LS Employee

[GDJ] = George "Sandy" Duffy, Jr., President PH&S Historical Society.

[GG] = Glenn Gould.

[GLC] = Information provided by the Great Lakes Central Railroad.

[GLF] = Gary L. Franks, PE.  Perrysburg, Ohio bridge historian.

[GM] = Graydon M. Meints, historian.

[GRDE] = Grand Rapids Daily Eagle newspaper, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

[GREP] = Grand Rapids Evening Press.

[GTWHS-mm/yy] = "The Semaphore", Grand Trunk Western Historical Society.

[GW] = Wakeman, George L., "My Story of the Detroit & Mackinac Railroad".  Library of Michigan, Lansing, 1940.

[HAM] = Historic Arcadia, Michigan website

[HB-mm/yyyy] - Hotbox, publication of the Norht Central Region, National Model Railroad Association

[HCN] = A History of the Cincinnati Northern Railroad, Jim Brown, Little Falls Press, Cataract, Wisconsin.  2003.

[HGJ] = A Historical Geography of Jackson, Michigan: A Study on the Changing Character of An American City 1829-1969, Richard A. Santer.  1972.

[HH/MIHX8] = Hugh Hornstein, 8th Michigan Railroad History Conference, St. Ignace, MI.

[HMRB] = History of the Maumee River Basin by Charles Slocum.  Published in 1905.

[HI] = High Iron Along the Huron Shore.

[HSE] = Huron Shore Express.  D&M Railway Historical Society.

[HWC] = History of Wayne County and the City of Detroit, Clarence M. and M. Agnes Burton Editors, The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1930.

[I&L] = The Forgotten Path of the Ionia & Lansing Railroad Company, Merritt B. Scharnweber.  1997.

[ICHS] = Iron County Michigan Historical Society

[IT-mm/yr] = Inside Track Magazine

[JCP] = Jackson Citizen Patriot newspaper, Jackson, MI.

[KB] = Kenneth Borg.

[L&H] = The Lowell & Hastings Railroad Company.  Merritt B. Scharnweber, 1995.

[LS] = "The Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway". David McLellan and Bill Warrick, Transportation Trails, c. 1989

[LSIOR] = "The Lake Superior Iron Ore Railroads".  Patrick C. Dorin.  Suerior Publishing Company, Seattle, WA.  c. 1969.

[LSRC] = Information provided by the Lake State Railway.

[MA] = Michigan, State of;  Archieves.

[MCDTyy] = Michigan Central Detroit Terminal Timetable Year yy]

[MCR/yy]  Michigan Commissioner of Railroads Annual Report, State of Michigan Library.  yy=Year of report.

[MDOT] = 150 Years of Michigan's Railroad History, Michigan Department of Transportation

[MDYyy] = Moody's Manual of Investments + year

[MF] = Michael Frezell

[MFM] = Michigan Flywheelers Museum, Kim Ingles

[MH-mm/yyyy] = Michigan History Magazine

[MHM] = Michigan historical marker

[MIHX8] = Information provided at the 8th Michigan Railroad History Conference in St. Ignace, MI.

[MMS-yyyy] = Mines and Mineral Statistics, State of Michigan (annual report of the Michigan Commissioner of Mineral Statistics)

[MOD-mm/yy] = Model Railroad Craftsman Magazine

[MOL] = Michigan Ore Lines, The.  Eric Hirsimaki, Paulhamus Litho, Inc., Montoursville PA.  2002

[MPN] = Michigan Place Names, Walter Romig, Wayne State university press, Detroit. 1986.

[MRC-mm/yy] = Michigan Railfan, Michigan Railroad Club 

[MRF-mm/yy] = Michigan Railfan, Michigan Railroad Club

[MRL] = Michigan Railroad Lines,by Graydon Meints.  Published by Michigan State University Press, 2005.

[MRP-vol] = Michigan Rail Preservation, by David R. Kovl

[MRRL] = MichiganRailroads@yahoogroups.com

[MRRC] = Michigan Railroads & Railroad Companies, by Graydon "Don" M. Meints.  Published by Michigan State University Press. 1992.

[MSAI] = Michigan State Archieves Interlocker Files.

[MSL] = A Most Superior Land, Michigan Natural Resources Magazine, 1983.

[MT] = Mark Tomlonson, historian, Kalamazoo MI.

[MTB] = Mike Tabone, South Lyon, MI.

[MusC] = Muskegon Chronical newspaper.

[MW] = Mark Worrall, historian.

[MWD] = Mark W. Dobronski

[NEW] = Newberry News, Newberry, Michigan

[NK] = Studies of Nick Korstange (Railroads of various counties).

[NN] = Nathan Nietering.

[NWL-q/yyyy] = Northwestern Lines Magazine, C&NW Historical Society.

[NYCF] = New York Central Facilities by Geoffrey H. Doughty.  Published by Morningside Books, 2002.

[NYC-mm/yyyy] = The Central Headlight, New York Central System Historical Society, Inc.

[NYC-MC] = Michigan Central District, New York Central Historical Society

[OCA] = Otsego County Advance, Gaylord, MI

[OHT] = Otsego Herald and Times, Gaylord, MI

[OR] = OreRail@yahoogroups.com

[PG] = Priscilla Geyer, Curator of the museum for the Crawford County Historical Society

[PMHS] = Pere Marquette Historical Society Web Page

[PM45] = The Pere Marquette in 1945, published by the C&O Historical Society, Inc.

]PPD] = Preserve, Protect and Defend, an Illustrated History of the Michigan State Police in the 20th Century by Phillip Schertzing, Turner Publishing Co. 2002

[PRRHTS-X/yyyy] = "Keystone" magazine. Pennsylvania Railroad Technical and Historical Society.

[R&LHS-yyyy] = Railway & Locomotive Historical Society

[R&R-mm/yyyy] = Railfan and Railroad Magazine.

[RA-mm/dd/yyyy] = Railway Age or Railway Age Gazette

[RCOM] = Information from RailComm, Inc.

[RMK] = Remember When, D&M Historical Society, by Rosemary Klenow, former D&M employee.

[RO] = Robert Oom, Kalamazoo, Michigan

[RS] = Russell Smeltzer, Frankfort, MI

[RWC] = Robert Cosgrove, Past Trustee, New York Central System Historical Society

[SAM] = S. A. McCall, Historical Dates. Juse when did That Happen?

[SBM-yyyy] - Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps - year.

[SEN] = Soo Evening News newspaper, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.

[SMcD] = Steven J. McDonald, Cadillac, Michigan

[SML] = State of Michigan Library, Lansing, Michigan

[SMRS-mm/yy] - Soo, a publication of the Southern Michigan Railroad Society Cross Tracks.

[SOO-Qtr/yy] = The Soo Line Historical and Technical Society.

[SRI] = Steam Railroading Institute, Owosso, Michigan.

[SSDiv-mm/yyyy] = South Shore Division Bulletin of the Soo Line Historical & Technical Society.

[SSJB] = DSSA Web Page, John P. DuLong, Berkley, MI.

[SSP] = Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Track Profile - 1907 as amended

[SSV] = Steve Selvig

[STB] = Surface Transportation Board

[STOV] = The Routledge Historical Atlas of the American Railroads.  John F. Stover.  1999.

[TB] = The Toledo Blade newspaper.

[TJG] = T. J. Gaffney, Curator, Port Huron Museum.

[WD] = William Dunham collection.

[WS] = Wayne Summers, historian from DeWitt.


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