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Location Name County Railroads Staff by Type Building Built Removed Notes
Addison Addison Jct. Lenawee CN/DTM 2 mi E of Addison








Before 1899


1 mi W of WB Tower

Adrian South Adrian Lenawee DTI/Wabash Full



1891 1930
Adrian WB Tower Lenawee LSMS/Wab Full Tower 1881 1960
Akron Tuscola
Alba Antrim GRI/D&C Full Tower 1901
Albion A Tower Calhoun MC/LSMS MCRR Full/then half Tower 1888 1930 1/2 mile w/of station
Alexis   [Ohio] MC/LSMS/AA/PM CSX Electric Tower     still open 1991
Annpere   Livingston PM/AA PM Full/Mech Tower 1896 1959 2 mi E of Howell
AuSable Iosco DM/ASNW 1891
Augusta Kalamazoo DTM/Elec Half
Baldwin Lake PM/PM 1889
Battle Creek Dickman St. Calhoun MC/DTW 1889
Battle Creek Hall St. Calhoun MC/GTW Full/Mech. Tower 1907 w/of Nichols
Battle Creek McCamley St. Calhoun GTW/DTM Trainmen Half 1921 Story
Battle Creek Nichols Calhoun MS/GTW 1887
Battle Creek Rose St. Calhoun CJ&M/St.LS&BC   Full Tower 1888    
Battle Creek Spencer St. Calhoun MCRR/Interurban Trainmen Full   1906    
Battle Creek W. Main St. Calhoun MC/Elec. 1906
Bay City 26th St. Bay MC/PM
Bay City Center St. Bay MC/PM
Bay City Farragut St. Bay MC/Elec.
Bay City Hart St. Bay MC/GTW 1890
Bay City H&W Crossing Bay MC/PM
Bay City North Bay City Bay DM/GTW/PM/MC Trainmen Ground stand 1915 1959
Bay City Tower 12 Bay MC/HBL/PM   Tower        
Bay City Water St. Jct. Bay MC/PM
Bay City West Main St. Bay MC/GTW
Bay City Woodside Bay MC/PM
Bimo   Lenawee LSMS/DT&I Trainmen Telegraph office Ground 1896    
Boyne Falls   Charlevoix GRI/BCG&A/BF&NE   Tower       Unknown if built.
Britton Lenawee Wab/DTM
Burlington   Calhoun MCRR/BCC& Cross. Not interlocked          
Calumet   Houghton H&TL/MR     Tower 1890    
Carleton   Monroe DT&I/CSX CSX Electric Tower   Still open 1991  
Charlotte   Eaton GTW/MC         ~1976  
Clare   Clare PM/AA     Tower      

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