Directors and Officers of Railroads (Michigan residents)

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     In the 19th Century, many Michigan railroads were owned in whole or in part by Michigan residents.  Most roads, after a short period of time, depended on east cost financing - often from Boston, New York and sometimes Pennsylvania.  With financing came Board of Directors representation.  In most cases, voting stock control of the road was transferred to these investors after a short period of time.


     The purpose of this list is to show the names of officials who were resident in Michigan.  We have not attempted to show out-of-state officials, as they were numerous, particularly in later years when roads were purchased by eastern capitalists.  The list can be used to determine the location of the home corporate office, to see which directors had multiple directorships in various roads, or the progression of a particular officials movement from road to road.  It also provides some insight into the naming of towns and junction points (hyperlinked).


     Most of the information in this report comes from the Annual Reports filed by the railroads with the Commissioner of Railroads for Michigan.  There is a complete set of these reports in the State of Michigan Library.  It will take perhaps 10 years or more to list all officials, given that there are 70-80 years of these reports.


     Directors are listed by Last Name, First Name or initials, Place of Residence, Road, Position and Year.  Click below on the first initial of the individual's last name:


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     Some prominent Directors and Officers who dominated the railroad scene in the late 1800's and early 1900's.  Click on their names to see their involvement: