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Canadian National

AAR87 - CN Ch. 1 Dispatcher - 161.415

AAR73 - CN Ch. 2 Train to wayside - 161.205

AAR55 - CN Ch. 3 Train to wayside - 160.935

AAR37 - CN Ch. 4 Yard - 160.665

AAR25 - CN Ch. 6 Tunnel Standby Ch. - 160.485

AAR61 - CN Ch. 8 Train to wayside - 161.025

AAR07 - CN Ch. 82 Maintenance - 160.215



Most trains on the Chatham Subdivision are VIA Rail passenger trains.  Freight service on the Chatham sub is minimal.


CN runs a minimal number of freight trains on the CASO sub to Chatham and beyond. 

Canadian Pacific

AAR91 - CP Ch. 1 Dispatcher/Road - 161.475

AAR67 - CP Ch. 4 Yard - 161.115

AAR83 - CP Ch. 99 Yard - 161.355

AAR71 - CP Maintenance of way - 161.175



Runs freight trains from the Detroit tunnel via London to Toronto.  This is CP's main line through southern Ontario.

Essex Terminal

AAR53 - 160.905

AAR33 - 160.605

AAR59 - 160.995


Runs from early morning to late at night.  Jobs are identified by their start time.  Main line is 21 miles long.  They interchange with CN at Dougall Ave., CP at a small yard parallel to CP's Windsor Yard along tecumseh Road, west near Crawford.


VIA Rail

AAR87 - VIA Ch. 1 - CN Dispatcher - 161.415

AAR55 - VIA Ch. 3 - CN Toronto DS - 160.935

AAR61 - VIA Ch. 8 - Toronto DS - 161.025



Runs up to five passenger trains each way per day between the Walkerville station (east of Windsor) and Toronto via London over the CN Chatham subdivision.

Norfolk Southern

See CN CASO sub for frequencies


Runs two road trains between Detroit and St. Thomas via Chatham on the CN/CP CASO subdivision.  Also runs two Detroit-Windsor tunnel transfers.





CSX no longer runs trains in Essex County.  They operate between sarnia and Blenheim via Chatham.  CSX may run a tunnel transfer run from Detroit to the CN/CP CASO Van de Water Yard.


Defect Detectors:


CN Chatham Subdivision - None


CASO Subdivision - Woodslee and Tilbury.


CP Rail:  West of belle River and a 2nd just east of Tilbury.  Height detector (for westbounds at Manning Road (County Road 19).


Essex Terminal:  None



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