Train Watching Spots - Trowbridge, MI

Trowbridge is located in East Lansing and is the crossing of two moderately busy main lines - the former Grand Trunk Western CN main line from Sarnia to Chicago, and the CSX main line from Detroit to Grand Rapids (and Chicago).  The interlocker sees about 50 trains per day, including 2 Amtrak trains which often meet during the afternoon on the CN.  The Lansing area Amtrak station is located about 1/2 mile east of the Interlocking.  |  Watch Spot Menu  |  Responsibility/Safety  |  Submit a Watch Spot

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Area Frequencies:

CSX Road Channel:  160.230 (AAR 08)

CN Road Channel:  160.590 (AAR 32)

Defect Detectors:

Trains Per 24-hour period:

About 50


Gravel parking lot on the north side of the interlocker, entrance off Trowbridge.  Stay on the north side of the lot, well away from the tracks.


Relatively safe area.  Not much foot traffic and near good neighborhoods.  University town.



Exit I-496 at Trowbridge, prepare to turn right into lot after leaving the exit ramp.