Train Watching Spots - Lapeer, MI

This probably the smallest engine and train you will ever see at Lapeer, from the Lapeer Industrial Railroad.  More common are CN, CP, CSX freight trains and two Amtrak passenger trains each day.  You can expect 20-30 trains per day passing the Lapeer Depot.  |  Watch Spot Menu  |  Responsibility/Safety  |  Submit a Watch Spot

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Watch Spot Information:

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Area Frequencies:

Defect Detectors:

at milepost 283.0, 7 miles west (you will need a good antenna).  Depot is at MP 290.

Trains Per 24-hour period:

Many, including CN, CP, CSX, Amtrak and the Lapeer Industrial Railroad




Amateur radio channel 145.74 PL67 is used in this area by railfan ham's.

A control signal one half mile west gives an indication of approaching train traffic.



Restaurants within a block walking distance:

Country Cafe

The Dog House



Hugo's Pizza

Empire Wok