Train Watching Spots - Grand Rapids, MI

The best spot in Grand Rapids to watch trains is at the dead end of Judd Avenue, which is on the CSX main line at the entrance to Wyoming Yard.  Click on "Road Map" on left for directions (no Satellite Image is available). CSX runs 4-5 CP Rail trains in each direction each way, and 2-3 of its own main line trains.  CSX trains also runs trains to Baldwin (for Ludingston and Manistee), and the "Cannonball" to Muskegon.  Coal trains for West Olive also go through frequently.  There are four yard jobs on days, four on afternoons and one on midnights.  They go home early if their work is done.  One afternoon yard job goes to the Grand Rapids & Eastern to interchange cars.  Another afternoon yard job goes west and does the customer work from Grandville to Alro Steel. They also do the old Reynolds Plant over on Porter Ave/Burlingame most every afternoon.

NS has one round trip from Elkhart to Hughart Yard every day.  Yard engines also work the area.

Grand Rapids and Eastern has a small yard northwest of the downtown area near Fuller.  The Amtrak train which runs daily between Grand Rapids and Chicago also ties up at the GR&E for the night (for safe keeping and service).  |  Watch Spot Menu  |  Responsibility/Safety  |  Submit a Watch Spot

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Area Frequencies:

AAR-08 160.230 CSX Main Road Channel with defect detectors

AAR-14 160.320 CSX Jacksonville AW Dispatcher

AAR-12 160.290 CSX Yard Channel

AAR-20 160-410 CSX Yard Channel

AAR-26 160.500 CSX Yard Channel (but not used)

AAR-53 160.905 CSX Yard Channel

AAR-70 161.160 CSX Yard Channel

AAR-42 160.740 CSX Engine House

AAR-45 160.785 CSX Maintenance of Way

AAR-46 160.800 NS #1 Road Channel

Defect Detectors:

Trains Per 24-hour period: