Train Watching Spots - Fostoria, OH


Fostoria, Ohio is one of the nation's busiest train junctions with over 100 trains every day.  It is about 40 miles south of Toledo and easy to get to for Michigan railfans.  The Amtrak station parking lot is one of the best places to watch.  There are plenty of signals to give the viewer an advance notice of what is to come.  For details about this spot, please see the October, 2001 issue of Trains.  |  Watch Spot Menu  |  Responsibility/Safety  |  Submit a Watch Spot

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Area Frequencies:

160.230 Mhz (AAR 08) - CSX F Tower, Columbus Subdivision Road, Williard Subdivision Road

160.320 Mhz (AAR12) - CSX Columbus Subdivision "CR" Dispatcher

161.520 Mhz (AAR44) - CSX Willard Subdivision "SC" Dispatcher

161.250 Mhz (AAR76) - NS Fostoria District Road Dispatcher

Defect Detectors:

Trains Per 24-hour period:

100-140 trains per day on three main routes.


Amtrak depot parking lot gives great view and photo opportunities of the CSX Willard Subdivision, and the NS Fostoria District.  The CSX Columbus Division can be viewed from Columbus AVenue, about 4 blocks north and east of the depot. 


Both areas appear to be reasonably safe to stay in and have frequent auto and pedestrian traffic in the area.  Fostoria PD is about 3 blocks north of the Amtrak depot.


One of the busiest rail junctions in the nation.