Canadian Pacific Railway  

This site is not affiliated with the Canadian Pacific Railway.

CP Rail operates through trains from Canada to Chicago, Illinois and points west.  Most of these trains enter Detroit through the Detroit-Windsor rail tunnel which CP Rail owns, in part.  The trains use Conrail Shared Assets through West Detroit, Delray and then on to the CSX through Rougemere, Plymouth, Lansing and Grand Rapids.  The trains are then re-crewed for the remaining trip to Chicago via Porter, Indiana.

The train crewss are provided by CSX from Rougemere (Detroit) west.  CP Rail trains haul a variety of cars, including containers, miscellaneous freight and auto racks.  They normally use CP Rail or Soo power.  They are usually considered "hot" trains by CSX and are given priority routing along the way.  CP Rail also occasionally uses CN routing between Port Huron and Chicago.

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