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Photo Album Page 100

  • CP 5983 leads an autorack train EB at Trowbridge.  [Dale Berry]
  • TSBY plows snow near South Boardman.  1994.  [Mark Andersen]
  • CSX Jet Blower works on the old PH&D in Port Huron.  2002 [Dan Meinhard]
  • Conrail 8426 waits for the signal at Delray.  December, 2003 [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 99

  • The CSX local backs out of Saginaw Yard.  October, 2003 [Dale Berry]
  • WC 7525 in snow covered pines near Goose Lake.   [Tom Carello]
  • NS Jackson switcher pulls scrap iron near the depot.  [Dale Berry]
  • Mineral Range #600 pulls by scrap yard at Pluto.  [Mark Andersen]

Photo Album Page 98

  •  Conrail 5076 (LATO) on a trestle in Lansing.   1991  [Jim Slater]

  •  LSRC 281 and 1195 await assignment at Alpena.  2002   [Dale Berry]

  •  CN locomotives move the freight.  [Drawing by Daniel Meinhard]

  • Amtrak passes in the rain, near Durand.  November, 2003 [Bill Dunham]

Photo Album Page 97
  • CP 6068 pulls through the Delray interlocker  [Dale Berry]
  • LS&I 3000 pulls through Palmer Line Junction. [Mark Andersen]

  • CSX 8609 works west of the Plymouth diamond.   [Dale Berry]

  • The Wildcat Model Railroad, St. John, Michigan [Merritt Scharnweber]

Photo Album Page 96
  • GTW 4632 pulls past South Dearborn Road,  Nov. 2003 [Dale Berry]

  • CSX Rougemere Yard  with CP's Tunnel Yard office.  [Dale Berry]

  • NS stops the 2003 Wyandotte Memorial Day parade. [Shawn O'Day]

  • Michigan Southern 704 on the "Old Road"  [Nathan Nietering]

Photo Album Page 95
  • Conrail 6751 leads a train near Elkhart, Indiana  [Nathan Nietering]
  • INER 2185 pulls north on the wye into Hillsdale Yard.   [Dale Berry]

  • Amtrak 353 pulls past BO Tower in Kalamazoo.  [Nathan Nietering]

  • Central Michigan 2014 pulls past Mershon interlocking.  [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 94
  • CP 9102 heads EB on the CN, at South Kearsley  in Flint.  [Dale Berry]
  • The LS&I Tilden Job switches at Queens siding.  2003 [Tom Carello]

  • CSX 5115 crosses Pontiac Trail in South Lyon.  Nov. 2003 [Dale Berry]

  • FURX 3000 pulls its train off the NS at Delray Tower.  [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 93
  • An Illinois Central unit leads a freight at Partridge Jct.  [Tom Carello]
  • LSRC 698 and 798 await assignment at N. Bay City [Paul Cameron]
  • NS track geometry train on the main line at Grass Lake. [Dale Berry]
  • Muskegon's beautifully restored Union Station.  [Alan Loftis]
Photo Album Page 92
  • An assortment of CSX power waits at Saginaw Yard.   [Dale Berry]

  • Ann Arbor RR 2378, pulls its train north of Ann Arbor.  [Chelsea White]

  • Amtrak 364, the International, in the snow at Kalamazoo. [John Wenzel]

  • The Michigan Shore transfers to the CSX in Muskegon. [Paul Cameron]

Photo Album Page 91
  • NS 9759 turns near the Foreman Wye at Delray. [Dale Berry]
  • U.S. Gypsum's GE center cab  at Alabaster.  [Mark Andersen]
  • CP 8636 pulls eastbound at the east end, South Lyon.  [Dale Berry]
  • RA's 3867 pulls the BWC color tour through Fairgrove [Peter Bloom]
Photo Album Page 90
  • Amtrak 350 EB at East Jackson.  June, 2002  [Dale Berry]
  • TSBY 394 leads passenger special at Durand.   [Dan Meinhard]
  • A peaceful CN Tunnel Yard at sunrise.  [Dan Meinhard]
  • E&LS 501 proceeds through old interlocker at Sidnaw.  [Tom Carello]
Photo Album Page 89
  • CP 8641 heads past the wildflowers  in South Lyon.   [Dale Berry]
  • Branch Coal 921 works at the Lansing aggregate facility. [Dale Berry]

  • CSX 600 on the former NYC main line at Livernois Avenue [Dale Berry]

  • Mid-Michigan 3836, pulls tank cars near Alma. [Dennis Schmidt]

Photo Album Page 88
  • NS 1434 switches the Ford Truck plant at Wayne.  [Dale Berry]
  • Soo Line 2500A on the CN at Little Lake [Mark Andersen]
  • The INER pulls past Edon, Ohio enroute to Litchfield [Dale Berry]
  • SP 9749 leads an EB train on the CSX  in Lansing.   [Dennis Schmidt]
Photo Album Page 87
  • NS (Conrail) 3066,  pulling X9J near Kalamazoo.   [Zack Segur]
  • Colors are changing on the Ore Sub in Fall, 2001  [Mark Andersen]
  • CN multi-level train SB on the Shore Line Sub.  [Dale Berry]
  • Union Pacific 6508 with EB container train at Durand.  [Jack Watts]
Photo Album Page 86
  • CP 8603 leads a westbound train at Twelve Mile Road.  [Dale Berry]
  • TSBY 2648 southbound near Alma enroute to Owosso. [Dennis Schmidt]
  • Amtrak tain 364 passes BO Tower in Kalamazoo.  [Zack Segur]
  • LSRC 698-281 prepare SB freight at Alpena Jct.  [Dale Berry]
Photo Album Page 85
  • GTW crews replace the "Chicago" wye in Durand. [Merritt Scharnweber]

  • NS 9148, with a TOFC train on the Maumee River bridge.  [Dale Berry]

  • INER 2185, a GP-30, proceeds NB at Reading.  [Dale Berry]

  • CSX 7327, train 326, heads WB through Brighton..  [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 84
  • Conrail 8394 (NS) at Elkhart, Indiana.  [Nathan Nietering]
  • E&LS 501 and 500 at the  roundhouse in Wells.   [Greg Bunce]
  • A Canadian National ore train heads past Goose Lake  [Tom Carello]
  • Motor car enthusiasts highball the main on the INER   [Dale Berry]
Photo Album Page 83
  • Soo Line 6608 in the fog at Grand Ledge.  [Merritt Scharnweber]
  • Ann Arbor RR 7771 on the wye at Pittsfield Jct.  [Dale Berry]
  • Amtrak leaves the passenger station siding at Battle Creek. [Dale Berry]
  • PM 1225 climbs Boon Hill, west of Cadillac  [Mark Andersen]
Photo Album Page 82
  • NS 2514, leads a autorack train east of  Wayne. April, 2003 [Dale Berry]
  • CN 5601 pulls past the Lapeer Amtrak station.   [Dale Berry]
  • CSX 2637 works near the Marysville power plant.   [Dan Meinhard]
  • FURX 3002 leads a CSX way freight WB, near Plymouth.  [Dale Berry]
Photo Album Page 81
  • Conrail 3057 and way car at North Lansing [Dale Berry]
  • LS&Is 3-Tilden job pulls through Eagle Mills Jct.   [Tom Carello]
  • A CN local (led by GTW 4928) crosses Trowbridge [Nathan Nietering]
  • E&LS 1223 pulls boxcars on the Nestoria line.  [Greg Bunce]
Photo Album Page 80
  • Soo Line 6007 EB on the CSX at Joy Rd. in Detroit.  [Dale Berry]
  • Lake State Ry. train 304 southbound near Alger  [Tom Spencer]
  • Amtrak No. 353, glides through Augusta, Michigan.  [Dale Berry]

  • Michigan Southern 466 at Sturgis, Michigan  [Merritt Scharnweber]

Photo Album Page 79
  • AA 7802 waits at Pittsfield Jct. on the wye for a re-crew. [Dale Berry]
  • NS 8831 pulls WB under the signals at Elkhart [Nathan Nietering]
  • BNSF 9472 works at Durand, near the depot.  [Jack Watts]
  • CSX 1170 switches the east end of Wyoming Yard  [J. R. Valderas]
Photo Album Page 78
  • Signals on the CN line through downtown Battle Creek [Dale Berry]
  • Amtrak 352 passes through the curves in Augusta.  [Dale Berry]
  • LS&I 3004 pulls empties back to Tilden, near Eagle Mills [Tom Carello]
  • CN 5668 pulls a freight westbound through Davison [Dale Berry]
Photo Album Page 77
  • Track maintenance equipment at CN near Schoolcraft.  [Zack Segur]
  • CP 8563 at the east end, South Lyon.  [Dale Berry]
  • D&M #975 gets a bath at the North Bay City Yard.  [Mark Andersen]
  • Conrail GE's smoke around the wye at Durand.   [Jack Watts]
Photo Album Page 76
  • LS&I 3072 pulls across Morgan Trestle.  [Tom Carello]
  • Union Pacific 4302, joins NS 5509 at Hughart Yard   [Dale Berry]
  • INER 2185 northbound near Bankers in Hillsdale County [Dale Berry]
  • CSX 8337 rounds the curve at North Lansing [Dale Berry]

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