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Photo Album Page 75[Posted: June, 2003]
  • PM 1225 passenger special steams near Alma - 2003 [Dan Meinhard]
  • Amtrak 28 leads the International near Durand .  [Dale Berry]

  • CMGN Train 702 pulls across the Saginaw River.  [Jim Milnor]

  • An engineer's view of CN's Battle Creek Terminal. [William Dunham]

Photo Album Page 74 [Posted: May, 2003]
  • CP 9669 approaches Delray on the Conrail shared assets [Dale Berry]
  • The Grand Traverse Dinner Train at Traverse City [Mark Andersen]
  • Conrail 8321 leads a van train at Vickers, Ohio.  [Dale Berry]
  • Lapeer Industrial No. 5, a GE center cab unit  in Lapeer.  [Dale Berry]
Photo Album Page 73 [Posted: May, 2003]
  • NS 3068 pushes past Jackson station onto the freight main [Dale Berry]
  • Algoma Central 1752 passenger extra at Eagle Mills [Mark Andersen]
  • CSX 100 leads a merchandise freight at Delray.  [Nathan Nietering]
  • Dan Meinhard's "CN during a storm" photoartwork.   2003.
Photo Album Page 72 [Posted: May, 2003]
  • The eastbound Amtrak International at West Durand [Dale Berry]
  • The Gaines Station Library, a restored GTW station [Alan Loftis]
  • CN 2634 pulls a merchandise freight in Battle Creek [William Dunham]
  • Central Michigan 8904 pulls around the wye at Durand [Dale Berry]
Photo Album Page 71 [Posted: April - May, 2003]
  • CP 8633 proceeds into the connection at CP Lou [Dale Berry]
  • LS&I 3011 leads the Hill Job near US-41 in Negaunee  [Tom Carello]
  • Conrail 8321 powers an eastbound TOFC train at Vickers [Dale Berry]
  • Wisconsin Central 7498 leads NS 48J at Four Mile Lake [Dale Berry]
Photo Album Page 70 [Posted: April, 2003]
  • A NS freight train "steams" at Visger Road in River Rouge. [Dale Berry]
  • TSBY #466 glistens in the sunlight at Caro.  [Merritt Scharnweber]
  • CSX 288 waits  at NS Vickers Crossing southeast of Toledo.  [Dale Berry]
  • Michigan Transit Museum's 4040, near Mt. Clemens. [Dan Meinhard]
Photo Album Page 69 [Posted: April, 2003]
  • The Amtrak International loads passengers at Durand.  [Dale Berry]

  • FN Tower in Trenton, removed from service last week [Nathan Neitering]

  • CN 2542 pulls  WB  near Lapeer after a major ice storm  [John Wenzel]

  • The TSBY plow train descending Elmira hill. [Mark Andersen]

Photo Album Page 68 [Posted: April, 2003]
  • CP 8633 leads a WB intermodal train at Beck Road  [Dale Berry]

  • CSX bridge over the Grand River in Grand Ledge [Merritt Scharnweber]

  • Conrail (CSX) 7489 at P-Company Jct.  March, 2003   [Dale Berry]

  • The LS&I pulling an ore train near Goose Lake in 2002   [Tom Carello]

Photo Album Page 67  [Posted: March, 2003]
  •  NS 9761, in primer, pulls auto racks  near Kilgore Yard [Zack Segur]

  • H&E 3838/3868 with a freight train near Saginaw.  [PaulCameron]

  • CSX 8810 blows through the snow near Northville.  [Dale Berry]

  • Detroit Connecting RR #4 near Milwaukee Jct. [George Richardson]

Photo Album Page 66  [Posted: March, 2003]
  • The EB Amtrak International loads passengers at Durand.  [Dale Berry]

  • Erie Mining 4211 at Larch (near Escanaba) [Mark Andersen]

  • CN 5664 pulls the roadrailer train towards Port Huron  [Dale Berry]

  • The Amtrak station sign at Durand, Michigan  [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 65  [Posted: March, 2003]
  • CP 9669 heads through northwest Detroit  [Dale Berry]
  • The Ann Arbor Railroad's Hallett Tower.   October, 2002  [Dale Berry]
  • Three eastbounds approach Elkhart station.  2002 [Nathan Nietering]
  • GRE #3839 travels WB  near Lowell. August, 2002  [Mark Dobronski]
Photo Album Page 64  [Posted: March, 2003]
  • NS 9538 leads train thru the connection at Delray [Nathan Nietering]

  • A CMGN crew blocks cars at Durand. July, 1992 [Merritt Scharnweber]

  • CSX 751 waits for the signal on the Shore Line at Delray.  [Dale Berry]

  • A&B 1725 delivers a load of lumber in Adrian.  [Mark Dobronski]

Photo Album Page 63  [Posted: February, 2003]
  • The former New York Central swing bridge in Toledo [Dale Berry]
  • Amtrak No. 350 arrives in Kalamazoo, in the snow [Dale Berry]
  • The LS&I  7 a.m. "hill job"  near Empire Mine.  [Tom Carello]

  • GTW 4930 waits at the signal at Milwaukee Jct.   [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 62  [Posted: February, 2003]
  • Ann Arbor Railroad 7802 pulls its train north of Milan.  [Dale Berry]
  • CP 9669 container train passes the CSX at P-Company Jct. [Dale Berry]
  • Indiana Northeastern 2185 with caboose at Hillsdale [Mark Dobronski]
  • Conrail (CSX) 8837 on a work train at Salem [Dale Berry]
Photo Album Page 61  [Posted: February, 2003]
  • The layout at the Capital Area RR  Society in Dewitt.  [Dan Meinhard]

  • EB NS 9602 meets WB NS 9740 at Vickers, Ohio.   [Dale Berry]

  • H&E 3866/CM 9209, pull across the Cass River   [Stephen Wilder]

  • CSX 8337 pulls its merchandise train at North Lansing.   [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 60  [Posted: January, 2003]
  • The E&LS depot and roundhouse at Wells.   [Dale Berry]
  • Canadian National 5630 passes the depot at Lapeer. [Mark Dobronski]
  • Mineral Range #600 moves hoppers near  Ishpeming.   [Tom Carello]
  • EB Amtrak 26 waits on the #1 track at CP Lake. [Ernie Cameron]
Photo Album Page 59  [Posted: January, 2003]
  • Ford switcher 10016, works at Rougemere Yard.   [Nathan Nietering]
  • Conrail proceeds over the Kzoo River, Plainwell.  [Merritt Scharnweber]

  • Charlotte Southern Dinner train at Charlotte.  [Dale Berry]

  • Soo Line 6044 is passed by Amtrak #370 near Holland.   [J. R. Valderas]

Photo Album Page 58  [Posted: January, 2003]
  • Conrail traverses the Grand River in Grand Rapids.  1997  [Dale Berry]
  • NS 9285 pulls through the former NYC Rouge Bridge.  [Dale Berry]
  • The Grand Traverse Dinner Train at Traverse City [Mark Dobronski]
  • A CSX freight heads EB past Trowbridge [Merritt Scharnweber]
Photo Album Page 57  [Posted: January, 2003]
  • Delray Connecting #2 waits for the swing bridge to Zug Isl.  [Dale Berry]
  • CN 5359 pulls a mixed freight EB west of Wadhams - [Dan Meinhard]

  • CSX exchanges trains at Baldwin for trip north [Nathan Nietering]

  • Amtrak's International stops at Port Huron [Dan Meinhard]

Photo Album Page 56  [Posted: December, 2002]
  • LS&I 3053 pulls the Hill Job  towards Eagle Mills Yard.  [Tom Carello]

  • CP Rail Lights Up the Season [CP Rail]

  • Former Conrail 3038 prepares its train on the Union Belt.  [Dale Berry]

  • Escanaba & Lake Superior snow plow at work.  [E&LS Collection]

Photo Album Page 55  [Posted: December, 2002]
  • Pulled up rail is transferred from truck at Ionia [Merritt Scharnweber]
  • LSRC 974 comes around the Pinconning connection  [Dale Berry]
  • NS 3068 leads the B19 local near Kalamazoo.   [Zack Segur]
  • Amtrak pushes westbound through Chelsea.  [Dale Berry]
Photo Album Page 54  [Posted: December, 2002]
  • A rare BNSF run-through coal train approaches Jackson.  [Dale Berry]
  • CSX 2612 proceeds around the Dock Track at Holland [J. R. Valderas]
  • VIA Rail 6427 leads the WB International at East Lansing.  [Dale Berry]
  • CN 2610, train 150, on the CN Flint sub east of Emmett. [Dan Meinhard]
Photo Album Page 53  [Posted: November, 2002]
  • I&O 5004, waits patiently at Petersburg for a NB to pass.  [Dale Berry]

  • The former LS&MS depot in Coldwater, in  fall colors. [Dale Berry]

  • GTW 4601 at Port Huron's Black River Upper Bridge  [Dan Meinhard]

  • LSRC 798, the City of Alpena, at North Bay City [Jeremy Schrader]

Photo Album Page 52  [Posted: November, 2002]
  • The NS Adrian local, in front of the former depot at Adrian. [Dale Berry]
  • The CN engine service facility at Battle Creek.  [William Dunham]
  • TSBY units switch the former Ann Arbor yard at Cadillac.  [Dale Berry]
  • CSX 7754 crosses the NS at Vickers, Ohio.  [Dale Berry]
Photo Album Page 51  [Posted: November, 2002]
  • The LS&I Dock Job  at Presque Isle Harbor.  [Tom Carello]
  • Lake State Railway 975 pulls train 304 near Alger.   [Tom Spencer]
  • CP Train 503, with the 8559 leading, approaches Brighton. [Dale Berry]
  • CSX 8338 leads a train northbound through Plymouth  [Dale Berry]


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