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Photo Album Page 53  [Posted: November, 2002]
  • I&O 5004, waits patiently at Petersburg for a NB to pass.  [Dale Berry]

  • The former LS&MS depot in Coldwater, in  fall colors. [Dale Berry]

  • GTW 4601 at Port Huron's Black River Upper Bridge  [Dan Meinhard]

  • LSRC 798, the City of Alpena, at North Bay City [Jeremy Schrader]

Photo Album Page 52  [Posted: November, 2002]
  • The NS Adrian local, in front of the former depot at Adrian. [Dale Berry]
  • The CN engine service facility at Battle Creek.  [William Dunham]
  • TSBY units switch the former Ann Arbor yard at Cadillac.  [Dale Berry]
  • CSX 7754 crosses the NS at Vickers, Ohio.  [Dale Berry]
Photo Album Page 51  [Posted: November, 2002]
  • The LS&I Dock Job  at Presque Isle Harbor.  [Tom Carello]
  • Lake State Railway 975 pulls train 304 near Alger.   [Tom Spencer]
  • CP Train 503, with the 8559 leading, approaches Brighton. [Dale Berry]
  • CSX 8338 leads a train northbound through Plymouth  [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 50  [Posted: October, 2002]
  • Charlotte Southern's GE Center Cab #3 at Charlotte. [Anthony Rzucidlo]
  • Indiana & Ohio 4082 pulls past the empty Carleton Tower. [Dale Berry]

  • CN 2435 crosses the diamond at Durand.  [Mark Dobronski]

  • CSX and the NS meet at B&O Crossing in Fostoria, Ohio.  [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 49  [Posted: October, 2002]
  • LS&I 7 a.m. Hill Job at Queens Siding in fall colors  [Tom Carello]
  • A CN coal train, headed for Monroe, moves through Delray [Dale Berry]
  • CSX 804, heads EB past the old Plymouth depot.  [Dale Berry]
  • CN 5750 pulls through the snow on the Mt. Clemens sub [Dan Meinhard]
Photo Album Page 48  [Posted: October, 2002]
  • Amtrak 88 proceeds through Flint enroute to Port Huron.  [Dale Berry]
  • CN 5696 leads its through freight south  at Monroe.  [Dale Berry]
  • NS 7032 leads an EB mixed freight  passing Vickers  [Mark Dobronski]
  • CN's SORE-2 train,  heads past Goose Lake in the U.P.  [Tom Carello]
Photo Album Page 47  [Posted: September, 2002]
  • LS&I 3005 , near Eagle Mills in a January blizzard.  [Tom Carello]
  • Soo Line passenger extra at the Escanaba River.  [Tom Carello]
  • The "Coke Express" is delivered by CSX on the Union Belt [Dale Berry]
  • Essex Terminal No. 9 and 101 at Amherstburg [Paul Cameron]
Photo Album Page 46  [Posted: September, 2002]
  • Michigan Southern #907 crosses US-12 near Sturgis -  [Mark Dobronski]
  • LSMS freight house in Jackson receives new lease on life - [Dale Berry]
  • Omnitrax Switching Service 4279 heads to Midland  [Stephen Hause]
  • CSX coal train approaches the lower Maumee River bridge [Dale Berry]
Photo Album Page 45  [Posted: August-September, 2002]
  • NS 5239 with the Milan local pulls past the Milan Depot [Dale Berry]
  • FURX 3046 at Delray Tower.  [Dale Berry]
  • Motor cars on the Algoma Central at Agawa Canyon [Mark Dobronski]
  • CP 5793 pulling autorack train at west end, South Lyon [Dale Berry]
Photo Album Page 44  [Posted: August, 2002]
  • NS 9615 passes by FN Tower in Trenton [Mark Dobronski]
  • CSX 965 awaits assignment at the Saginaw Engine Facility [Dale Berry]
  • NS maintenance of way crews take up residence at Jackson [Dale Berry]
  • CN (WC) 7501,with SORE-1, approaches Palmer Jct.  [Tom Carello]
Photo Album Page 43  [Posted: August, 2002]
  • Detroit Salt Works EMD Switcher at Delray [Dale Berry]
  • A lone CP 8555, pulling  X512 east at 8 Mile Road [Dale Berry]
  • Remote control comes to the CSX in Saginaw [Dale Berry]
  • CMGN 740, the Bay City local, proceeds by Mershon [Dale Berry]
Photo Album Page 42  [Posted: July - August, 2002]
  • Lake State Railway southbound at Harrisville State Park [Dale Berry]
  • The SMRS GMDH-3, an experimental engine, at Clinton [Stephen Hause]
  • PM 1225 steams southbound over the Clare diamond [Mark Dobronski]
  • CSX 8257 pulls a manifest freight through Wellsboro, IN [Phillip Turner]

Photo Album Page 41  [Posted: July, 2002]
  • Michigan AuSable Valley Railroad steam action [Dale Berry]
  • Lake State Railway 646, an S-1 dating to 1946, at Alpena [Dale Berry]
  • NS 7127 works on the salt spur in Melvindale [Mark Dobronski]
  • LS&I 3-Hill job brakes for the scales near Eagle Mills [Tom Carello]
Photo Album Page 40   [Posted: July, 2002]
  • LSRC train 304, south of West Branch, Michigan [Tom Spencer]
  • LS&I 3-Hill Job, leaving Marquette for Eagle Mills  [Tom Carello]
  • Amtrak 365, The International, west through Davison [Mark Dobronski]
  • CN (GTW) local heads under the Blue Water Bridge [Stephen Hause]
Photo Album Page 39   [Posted: June, 2002]
  • Amtrak 355 picks up passengers at Dearborn station [Dale Berry]
  • Soo Line 6047 pulls through the connection at CP LOU [Dale Berry]
  • PM 1225 steams SB with its passengers, south of Rosebush [J. H. Harlow]

  • CSX's West Olive Coal Train climbs the grade at Salem [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 38   [Posted: June, 2002]
  • NS 9690 pulls eastbound through Stanton, Ohio. [Dale Berry]
  • CN's Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific 5908 at Wellsboro, IN [Phillip Turner]
  • CM 8903 leads train 701 near North Bay City in the snow [Dale Berry]
  • GTW 6825 leads photo runby near Bowerstown, OH [Greg Schultz]
Photo Album Page 37   [Posted: June, 2002]
  • CN 2504 leads train 391 near Port Huron on the Flint Sub [Dan Meinhard]

  • LS&I takes taconite loads past Eagle Mills Jct.  [Tom Carello]

  • New Boston Rail Services 2262 works at their yard  [Dale Berry]

  • CSX 1563 arriving at Ecorse Jct. from the Lincoln Secondary [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 36   [Posted: May, 2002]
  • TSBY 392 pulls passenger special at Whitmore Lake [Ray Kammer Jr.]
  • Conrail (NS) 8398 leads a short freight at Holland, Ohio [Dale Berry]
  • Adrian & Blissfield 1752 works the Blissfield elevator [Dale Berry]
  • CP 8629 westbound over Salem (MI) hill [Dale Berry]
Photo Album Page 35   [Posted: May, 2002]
  • Ann Arbor's 7802 pulls through Pittsfield Jct.  [Dale Berry]
  • E&LS SD-9, 1220 with train at Channing, MI  [Dan Meinhard]
  • CN's (WC) SORE1 at the M-35 overpass enroute to the Soo [Tom Carello)
  • NS 6791 street running through Monroe, Michigan [Mark Dobronski]
Photo Album Page 34   [Posted: May, 2002]
  • CM 5175 and B-unit 2002, pull towards Wenona Yard.  [Jim Milnor]
  • Amtrak's 371, the International, at Holland, Michigan [J. R. Valderas]
  • CSX D709 westbound through downtown Brighton [Dale Berry]
  • Michigan Southern 908 suns outside its engine house [Gary Daniels]
Photo Album Page 33   [Posted: April, 2002]
  • CP Rail AC4400CW leads eastbound at 8th St., Holland [J. R. Valderas]
  • LS&I's '3 Hill' brings ore cars back to Eagle Mills [Tom Carello]
  • CP Rail X503 container train approaching South Lyon [Dale Berry]
  • NS 8756 leads empty coal train at Vickers, OH CP-285 [Dale Berry]
Photo Album Page 32   [Posted: April, 2002]
  • CSX 447 leads loaded coal train at Millard Jct., OH [Dale Berry]
  • St.L&H 5593 pauses at the Holland Depot [J. R. Valderas]
  • CP Railway police and their high-rail police vehicle [Anthony Rzucidlo]
  • NS 9566 leads a container train at Ecorse Jct.  [Dale Berry]
Photo Album Page 31   [Posted: April, 2002]
  • NS 8421 with van train at CP Nasby [Mark Dobronski]
  • Amtrak 350 approaches East Jackson [Dale Berry]
  • CN's SORE-1 all rail ore train at the Escanaba River [Tom Carello]
  • Southern Michigan's GE Center Cab at Clinton [Mark Dobronski]
Photo Album Page 30   [Posted: March, 2002]
  • The Amtrak International at Tappan Interlocking 1983 [Charlie Whipp]
  • A&B 1751/1752 proceed through snowy Blissfield [Mark Dobronski]
  • LSRC hits the drifts in northern Michigan [Jim Milnor]
  • CN 314 on the old D&TSL near Monroe [Mark Dobronski]
Photo Album Page 29   [Posted: March, 2002]
  • The "Edison" at Greenfield Village's Smith's Creek Station [Jim Harlow]
  • Modeling the Grand Trunk Western [Dan Meinhard]
  • The "Hill Job" on the LS&I over the Dead River trestle [Tom Carello]
  • CP 5904 pulls empty auto racks down grade at CP LOU [Dale Berry]
Photo Album Page 28   [Posted: March, 2002]
  • The NS "Mixing Center" near Fostoria, Ohio [Dale Berry]
  • CN 2563 pulls west through downtown Battle Creek [Dale Berry]
  • Lake State Railway 974 pulls through Tawas [Michael Leon]
  • GTW kicks up the snow westbound in Durand [Charlie Whipp]
Photo Album Page 27   [Posted: February, 2002]
  • Snow bound WC 6002 leads freight towards Eagle Mills [Tom Carello]
  • Indiana Northeastern GP-30 at Hillsdale Engine House [Jason Williams]
  • Three CSX engines lead freight east through Fostoria [Dale Berry]
  • CN 2504 pulls a freight train west from Port Huron [Dan Meinhard]
Photo Album Page 26   [Posted: February, 2002]
  • LSRC 381 (304) passes near Sterling  February 2002  [Tom Spencer]
  • Amtrak navigates through the snow at Pearl St., Jackson [Dale Berry]
  • CSX 805  leads the Minorca ore train at Hermansville [Joe Whitens]
  • NS 9232 pulls a road railer train through Fostoria, OH [Dale Berry]
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