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Photo Album Page 175
  • LSRC 1280 works at the Georgia-Pacific plant in Gaylord  [Dale Berry]

  • Conrail 5431 leads NS Train 36E at Kalamazoo  [Nathan Nietering]

  • Greenfield Village No. 3 near Smith's Creek Station  [Mark Dobronski]

  • Amtrak 354 crosses over at Porter, Indiana  [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 174
  • Delray Connecting No. 001 crosses Jefferson in Detroit.   [Nathan Nietering]

  • NS 2644 heads east out of Wayne Yard, towards Detroit.  [Mark Andersen]

  • CEFX 3061 leads a short merchandise train at South Lyon.  [Dale Berry]

  • CP 8618 with train X512, crosses the Kalamazoo River.  [J. R. Valderas]

Photo Album Page 173
  • Amtrak Train 353 Loads Passengers at Ann Arbor  [Charles Moore]

  • CN 9554 backs onto the paper spur at Quinnesec  [Dale Berry]

  • The CSX Ford Heater Job heads back to Plymouth  [Nathan Nietering]

  • GTW Caboose 79046 on the CN Kalamazoo job  [Nathan Nietering]

Photo Album Page 172
  • Soo Line 6046 leads a WB CP train at Manifest Yard  [Dale Berry]

  • TSBY 389 heads through the snow near Mayfield  [Mark Andersen]

  • Conrail 3065 leads B1G past the WMU campus  [Nathan Nietering]

  • GATX 3130 approaches Romulus diamond  [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 171
  • CN trains pass in the snow near Port Huron  [Dan Meinhard]

  • Ann Arbor 7802 leads a southbound freight in Ann Arbor  [Dale Berry]

  • NS 4403 with a molten steel car at Dolton (IL) interlocking  [Dale Berry]

  • BNSF heads up Q326 in the fog at Bangor, Michigan  [Nathan Nietering]

Photo Album Page 170
  • HLCX 6085 leads a manifest train through Grandville  [Nathan Nietering]

  • At the controls of Amtrak engine 34  [John Agnew]

  • CN switcher 1567 heads for Escanaba from Gladstone  [Dale Berry]

  • CSX 503 heads north past Carleton Tower  [Nathan Nietering]

Photo Album Page 169
  • Quincy & Torch Lake Cog Railway heads to Hancock [Jim Lindholm]

  • Soo Line 6034 leads CP train 22T at North Morenci  [Scott Bevier]

  • A TSBY snow plow extra heads north of Fife Lake.  [Mark Andersen]

  • Conrail 3070 with train B1G crosses the diamond at BO  [Nathan Nietering]

Photo Album Page 168
  • A winter scene of the former MC Depot at West Branch  [Alan Loftis]

  • GTW 5936 switches Detroit Edison at Trenton  [Jacks Watts]

  • AA 2368 sets out cars for Saline at Pittsfield Jct.  [Dale Berry]

  • A Norfolk Southern Police Department K-9 Unit [Anthony Rzucidlo]

Photo Album Page 167
  • Amtrak 35 crosses the Wayne Jct. diamond.  [Nathan Nietering]

  • E&LS 400 and 501 cross the Ontonagon River  [Mark Andersen]

  • CSX 8466 west approaches Greenfield Road, Dearborn  [Dale Berry]

  • CN remote control units work the Escanaba ore dumper  [Tom Carello]

Photo Album Page 166
  • CP 8625 heads west thru the snow near Plymouth  [Dale Berry]

  • Pere Marquette 1225 on the loop track at Camp Grayling  [Mark Andersen]

  • Conrail 8451 heads eastbound with freight at Elkhart  [Nathan Nietering]

  • VRI 600 moves a car through the snow covered pines.  [Mark Andersen]

Photo Album Page 165
  • CN switches the paper plant at Munising.  [Mark Andersen]

  • TSBY switches the interchange with the AARR at Osmer  [Dale Berry]

  • NS passes the semaphore approach near BO Tower  [Greg Peet]

  • CSX staff overlook a derailment at Grand Rapids [J.R. Valderas]

Photo Album Page 164

  • The former GTW Depot at New Haven, lit up at night  [Dan Meinhard]

  • Amtrak's Pere Marquette arrives in Bangor  [J. R. Valderas]

  • Illinois Central 3140 switches the yard at Trout Lake  [Pete Bloom]

  • CSX 8395 pulls across the NS diamond at Wayne Jct.  [Nathan Nietering]

Photo Album Page 163
  • Little River Railroad 110 steams through Coldwater [Jack Watts]

  • CP 9682 heads up a westbound train near Plymouth  [Dale Berry]

  • Central Michigan 2014 pulls through Durand  [Dan Meinhard]

  • Conrail 8451 heads eastbound near Elkhart  [Nathan Nietering]

Photo Album Page 162
  • A FURX unit leads a NB CSX freight at Plymouth [Michael Koprowicz]

  • CN heads off into the sunset at Schoolcraft, MI  [Zack Segur]

  • AA 2368 heads north over the Huron River in Ann Arbor  [Dale Berry]

  • NS 7035 heads west over the B&O diamond at Fostoria  [Jack Watts]

Photo Album Page 161
  • Conrail (NS) 6707 leads 39J at CP Park [Nathan Nietering]

  • PM 1225 steams away at Seely Road, East of Cadillac  [Mark Andersen]

  • Amtrak stops at Smith's Creek station, Greenfield Village  [Alan Loftis]

  • LS&I's 7-Yard Job returns light from Marquette  [Mark Andersen]

Photo Album Page 160
  • BNSF 9473 is northbound at Saginaw's Hoyt Interlocker [Dale Berry]

  • BNSF 9939 passes the Amtrak Bangor depot [J. R. Valderas]

  • CP 8556 leads a merchandise freight at CP Lou  [Justin Borener]

  • TSBY 393 backs into the passing siding at Whitmore Lake  [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 159
  • CSX 7915 leads a container train through Fostoria [Dale Berry]

  • GTW 5861 heads a freight by FN Tower in Trenton.  [Charlie Whipp]
  • Adrian & Blissfield 1752 heads west through Adrian.  [Dale Berry]
  • NS 9845 waits on crooked track near Airline Yard, Toledo.  [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 158
  • Former Conrail Way Car 21290 at CSX Plymouth Yard  [Dale Berry]

  • Mineral Range No. 1, a Porter 50-ton, near National Mine  [Mark Andersen]

  • Amtrak 519 and 28 cross paths near Ferndale  [Russ Hill]

  • LS&I 7-Tilden Job passes through Eagle Mills Jct. [Mark Andersen]

Photo Album Page 157
  • NS 5096 waits for the home signal at Delray interlocking [Dale Berry]

  • FURX 3048 makes a reverse move through Plymouth [Dale Berry]

  • CP 9593 leads X501 west at Grand Junction, Michigan [J. R. Valderas]

  • Lake State's Second Section ready to go to Alpena  [Tom Hynes]

Photo Album Page 156
  • The CSX switch job leaves Morton Salt in Manistee  [Charles Showalter]

  • WC 3005 leads CN Train 411 at Powers, Michigan  [Peter Bloom]

  • TSBY 2681 switches the siding at Osmer, near Ann Arbor  [Dale Berry]

  • GTW 4930 approaches Milwaukee Jct., in Detroit  [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 155
  • Conrail (CSX) 7358 leads an auto rack train at Plymouth

  • Oiling Old Engine No. 3 at Greenfield Village

  • NS 37 leads the Wolverine West of Ypsilanti

  • Algoma Central No. 1 passes over Bellevue Trestle

Photo Album Page 154
  • NS and CSX meet on the Union Belt in southwest Detroit [Dale Berry]

  • BNSF powered coal on the CN at Perry [Ron Weyher]

  • CP 8574 proceeds on to the Conrail line at Delray [Dale Berry]

  • TSBY 392 with a passenger special at Boyne Falls [Larry Sobczak]

Photo Album Page 153
  • CSX 7608 leads Q337 through Grand Rapids  [J. R. Valderas]

  • INER 1602 pulls its train into Hillsdale Yard  [Dale Berry]

  • CN 2665 passes Pleasant Street in River Rouge  [Dale Berry]

  • Bluewater's Color Tour on the H&E near Bad Axe  [John Agnew]

Photo Album Page 152
  • Conrail units hold down the fort at NS Botsford Yard .  [Nathan Nietering]

  • CSS&SB  508 operates in Michigan City, Indiana.  [J. R. Valderas]

  • The Amtrak Twilight Limited loads at the Dearborn station.  [Dale Berry]

  • E&LS 600 arrives in Ontonagon with loads for the paper plant.  [Greg Bunce]

Photo Album Page 151
  • CSX yard unit stand by at Port Huron yard.  [Dan Meinhard]

  • AARR 2368 leads a train over the Huron River in Ann Arbor [Chris Talluto]

  • A CN train is eastbound at Durand at sunset.  [Jack Watts]

  • Lake States 181 returns  to the National Gypsum quarry [Tom Hynes]

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