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Photo Album Page 125
  • GTW 4929 leads a SB auto rack train at Monroe.  [Nathan Nietering]

  • AARR 2373 sits on the engine track at Ottawa Yard.  [Nathan Nietering]

  • Two NS trains pass at Vickers Crossing east of Toledo.  [Dale Berry]

  • The PM bascule bridge guards the mouth of the Black River. [Dan Meinhard]

Photo Album Page 124
  • Relco RE701 on loan to Ferrous Processing & Trading. [Michael Koprowicz]

  • Amtrak 32 leads its train out of the Jackson depot.  [Dale Berry]

  • Mineral Range 600 leaves Pluto for Winthrop Jct.  [Mark Andersen]

  • CSX 7776 leads a northbound train near Wixom.  [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 123
  • Wisconsin Central 7551 heads south at Empire Jct. 2003.  [Tom Carello]

  • NS 1401 on the turntable at Hughart Yard in Grand Rapids.  [Billy Baxter]

  • CP 9624 sits in front of the MC Station  [Dale Berry]

  • Lake State Railway 1280 leads a SB train at Roscommon.  [Jim Slater]

Photo Album Page 122

  • Conrail (NS) 3069 backs into Kellogg, from Hinman Yard.  [Dale Berry]

  • Amtrak 352 leaves enters the CN Shore Line Sub at Vinewood.  [Jack Stewart]

  • LS&I 3072 leads a train of ore jennies over Morgan Trestle.  [Tom Carello]

  • CSX 9248 leads the local on the West Detroit branch.  2004  [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 121
  • NS 9802 heads south on the Junction Yard Branch.  June, 2004 [Dale Berry]

  • Pere Marquette 1223 in a static park display in Grand Haven.  [Dale Berry]

  • CP 9810 heads west from P-Company Jct.  August, 2004.  [Dale Berry]

  • LSRC 974 prepares the NB train at North Bay City.  August, 2004 [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 120
  • CSX 1524 works with a string of cars on the PH&D line.  [Dan Meinhard]

  • The Louis Padnos Iron & Metal locomotive in Holland, MI  [Tom Hynes]

  • GTW 4633 waits on the siding at Mt. Clemens.  [Alex Bogert]

  • Rouge Steel 1262 pushes coke cars back to Rougemere  [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 119

  • NS's Jackson Yard job backs across Elm Street.   June, 2004  [Dale Berry]

  • UP 6440 awaits assignment at the Edison plant in River Rouge.  [Dale Berry]

  • Amtrak 90200 leads a WB train at Pearl Street, Jackson.  2003 [Dale Berry]

  • CN 9450 prepares its train on the main line at Trout Lake.  [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 118
  • NS 5053 crosses the CSX diamond at Romulus. May, 2004 [Nathan Nietering]

  • CSX 3165 hauls empty coke cars at P-Company Jct.  2003  [Dale Berry]

  • CP 8550 heads east at Central Avenue in Detroit.  April, 2003  [Dale Berry]

  • LSRC 469 works at Alpena Yard.  The engine is 58 years old.  [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 117
  • A CSX trainman walks his train at the Zeeland elevator.  [Dale Berry]

  • At the controls of the 1225, at the Steam Railroad Institute.  [Dan Meinhard]

  • CN 6025 pulls through the crossover at Milwaukee Jct.  [Dale Berry]

  • AA 7802 heads north with empty sand cars at Traver Road.  [Chelsea White]

Photo Album Page 116
  • Conrail 3412 with caboose waits at Monroe Yard.  [Nathan Nietering]

  • Pere Marquette 1225 steams through Mt. Pleasant.  [Steve Black]

  • Amtrak's International, with #31 leading, stops at Durand.  [Dale Berry]

  • E&LS #501 pulls its train WB near Maas City.  October, 2003  [Tom Carello]

Photo Album Page 115
  • NS 6083 switches auto racks at the Ford Wayne Assembly plant.  [Dale Berry]

  • A CN track crew cuts welded rail near Tappan.  2003   [Dan Meinhard]

  • CP 6041 leads an eastbound train at Ensel Yard, Lansing.  [Dale Berry]

  • LSRC Alco 975, leading a work train, smokes up East Tawas.  [Larry Gibson]

Photo Album Page 114
  • CSX 2657, with the local in tow, waits to leave Ensel Yard.  [Dale Berry]

  • INER 2185 switches tracks in front of the depot at Hillsdale. [Dale Berry]

  • CN 5271 at Durand, leads EB with the Laser Train. May, 2004   [Jack Watts]

  • MTM 1807 takes a break at Selfridge ANG Base.  2002   [Dan Meinhard]

Photo Album Page 113
  • NS (CR) 3066 leads train B1G west at BO Tower.  [Nathan Nietering]

  • The Padnos Iron and Metal switcher in Holland, MI   [Dale Berry]

  • Amtrak 350 highballs eastbound at East Jackson.  June, 2002  [Dale Berry]

  • Wisconsin Central trains meet at Brampton, in the U.P.  [Mark Andersen]

Photo Album Page 112
  • NS 9529 leads a westbound train on the Ann Arbor Railroad.  [Dale Berry]

  • NS 48E proceeds through the slip switches at CP-West Detroit.  [Jon Boehl]

  • CP 9624 rounds the bend at CP LOU in East Dearborn.  [Dale Berry]

  • TSBY #393 passenger special near Hamburg.  May, 2003 [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 111
  • CSX 4436 leads a freight into Livernois Yard.  April, 2004 [Dale Berry]

  • Charlotte & Southern #3 pulls the dinner train in Charlotte.  [Larry Gibson]

  • CN train L-40 on the LS&I at LS&I Junction in Negaunee.  [Tom Carello]

  • Remote control Detroit Edison 214 moves cars in River Rouge.  [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 110
  • NS 1438 and 1443 await assignment at Sterling Yard.  [Dan Meinhard]

  • Susquehanna 4030 pulls an I&O freight at Carleton.  [Nathan Nietering]

  • The Amtrak International pulls into the Lapeer Depot.  [Mike Kennedy]

  • The LS&I "Hill Job" crosses the Dead River trestle.  May, 2003  [Tom Carello]

Photo Album Page 109

  • NS 9577 waits for the signal at Delray Tower.  [Dale Berry]

  • FURX 3001, heads a train through the Fostoria, Ohio.  [Dale Berry]

  • Soo Line 6055 leads a EB CP train at South Lyon.  [Dale Berry]

  • TSBY 293, a GP-35, leads a train through Middleton.  [Dennis Schmidt]

Photo Album Page 108
  • The eastbound Amtrak International leaves East Lansing  [Dale Berry]

  • Lake States 281 assembles its train  near Gaylord.  [Dale Berry]

  • CSX 2328, in a GP30 body, leads a westbound train at Brighton [Dale Berry]

  • GTW 4910 backs its train into Durand Yard.  Feb., 2004  [Anthony Rzucidlo]

Photo Album Page 107
  • CP 8603 pulls a autorack train past South Lyon. August, 2003 [Dale Berry]

  • The Grand Traverse Dinner Train exists from the woods.  [John Holt]

  • Conrail (CSX) 7492 heads east on the former B&O at Fostoria [Dale Berry]

  •  The LS&I "Tilden Job" pulls ore cars near Goat Farm Field.  [Tom Carello]

Photo Album Page 106
  • CSX 8102 leads an auto rack puller at Fostoria, Ohio.   [Dale Berry]

  • CSX Delray Tower at night, in a time exposure.  2004  [Wayne Streeter]

  • NS 3555 pulls west at B&O Crossing, Fostoria, Ohio [Dale Berry]

  • GATX 3067 pulls westbound on the CSX near Plymouth.  [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 105
  • Amtrak 350 heads north at Milwaukee Jct with private varnish [John Agnew]
  • TSBY pushes its snow plow northbound near Fife Lake.  [Mark Andersen]
  • GTW 4906 pulls a long train southbound on the old D&I.  [Michael Koprowicz]
  • WC 3021 pulls a freight near Manistique, MI  December, 2003 [Tom Carello]
Photo Album Page 104
  • CP X512 waits for the home signal at the Detroit-Windsor tunnel. [Dale Berry]
  • Michigan's last wig-wag signal, taken at Vernon [Michael Koprowicz]
  • NS (Conrail) 6712  in front the the Wayne yard office.  [Nathan Nietering]

  • NS track crews repair a rail put-apart near Wausseon, Ohio [Scooter B]

Photo Album Page 103

  • A CSX crew switches Saginaw Yard.  October, 2003  [Dale Berry]
  • BNSF 9412 pulls a CN coal train at the spring switch, Delray  [Dale Berry]
  • NS 9593 southbound approaching Delray interlocking.  [Dale Berry]
  • INER 2185 leads a train northbound near Reading.  [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 102

  • NS 3278 leads a freight through Vickers interlocker.  [Dale Berry]
  • Michigan Shore 37 heads towards the Muskegon waterfront.  [Paul Cameron]
  • CP Rail 5985 leads a train out of the Detroit Windsor tunnel. [Dale Berry]
  • CN crews work to rerail a derailed box car in Quinnesec.  2004 [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 101

  • Amtrak International stops at the Port Huron station.  [Dan Meinhard]
  • CN/WC 2004 leads the White Pine freight at Bergland.   [Tom Carello]
  • CN 2432 gets the highball eastbound into the tunnel.  [Dan Meinhard]
  • Detroit Connecting Railway No. 4 switches tank cars.  [Robert Barry]

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