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Photo Album Page 25   [Posted: February, 2002]
  • D&M 181/1280 near Wolverine in 1981 [Dale Berry]
  • CN 2616 makes its way from the Shore Line Sub  at CP-YD [Dale Berry]
  • Lapeer Industrial RR 44-ton GE switches at Lapeer [Dan Meinhard]
  • Little River Railroad #110 steams into Batavia - 1996 [Jim Carson]
Photo Album Page 24   [Posted: February, 2002]
  • TSBY's baby GE 25-tonner at the Owosso Shops [Jim Carson]
  • NS 5224 pulls container cars on the former Union Belt [Dale Berry]
  • N&W 611 steams past the DT&I at Oakwood Jct. 1994 [Jim Carson]
  • The "new" Mineral Range Railroad, west of Ishpeming [Colby Arlyn]
Photo Album Page 23   [Posted: January, 2002]
  • Central Michigan 5175  at Wenona Yard, Bay City. [Paul Cameron]
  • CSX 8213 at the Mershon interlocking, Saginaw [Ben Higdon]
  • LS&I 3005 leads a train through a sudden "white out" [Tom Carello]
  • Inside the Michigan Central Depot in Detroit -  1995 [Jim Carson]
Photo Album Page 22   [Posted: January, 2002]
  • Checker Motors crosses Mosel Avenue near Kalamazoo - [Ben Higdon]
  • NS 5224 pulls a string of container cars past Ecorse Jct.
  • The first NS train to use the new connection at Ecorse Jct. [Shawn O'Day]
  • Amtrak #88 comes out from the tunnel at Port Huron [Dan Meinhard]
Photo Album Page 21   [Posted: January, 2002]
  • Nahma & Northern No. 5 sits in the weeds at Nahma [Dave Fulkerth]
  • CN 6261 Escanaba-bound with ore, on the DM&IR [Dave Schauer]
  • LSRC train 326 at North Bay City Yard   [Paul Cameron]
  • Pere Marquette 1225 stops for a photo run-by - 2001 [Ray Kammer]
Photo Album Page 20   [Posted: January, 2002]
  • EMD (Oakway) 9065 pulling CP Rail container train at South Lyon
  • H&E 102 and 103,business car at Vasser 1991 [Dave Fulkerth]
  • Amtrak 85 approaching Trowbridge interlocker in East Lansing
  • Central Michigan Railway engine house at Wenona Yard, Bay City. 
Photo Album Page 19   [Posted: December, 2001]
  • MCRR Michigan Depot [Mark Dobronski]
  • Lake State Railway 698 in the Jackpine [Tom Spencer]
  • BNSF 9763 waits with its CSX empty coal train at the Highland siding
  • Lapeer Industrial Railway Plymouth switcher [Dan Meinhard]
Photo Album Page 18   [Posted: April, 2001] (former Guest Album)
  • TSBY at Cheasaning {Ray Kammer]
  • TSBY approaching Cadillac [Ray Kammer]
  • TSBY Owosso Engine Facility [Ray Kammer]
  • UP Ugly Duckling  at CP Cowling/ Three Rivers on the NS  [Jack Klee]
Photo Album Page 17   [Posted: December, 2001]
  • Lake State Railway 698 and 281 lead a freight into North Bay City Yard

  • Inland Lime and Stone #1 at Port Inland [Paul Cameron]

  • Ford Motor Co. EMD Switcher over I-94 [Tim Clark]

  • CN 5739 Holiday Greetings Photo [Dan Meinhard]

Photo Album Page 16   [Posted: December, 2001]
  • IC 100 leads the 2001 Wisconsin Central Santa train [Dave Fulkerth]

  • Saginaw Valley #998 at the H&E Bad Axe Shops [Dan Meinhard]

  • Rouge Steel 1814 heads for a new load of coal cars  [Tim Clark]

  • CN 5771 at Emmett siding on the CN Flint subdivision [Dan Meinhard]

Photo Album Page 15   [Posted: November, 2001]
  • NS 9200, a GE C40-9W, waits on the power track at Jackson, MI

  • CP Rail 8634 leads hot shot  auto parts train   on the CSX in South Lyon

  • Manistique Papers remote controlled switcher at Manistique [Michael Leon]

  • CMGN Caboose #1at Wenona Yard, Bay City [Paul Cameron]

Photo Album Page 14   [Posted: November, 2001]
  • GTW 5901 SB passing Conrail's FN Tower [Mark Dobronski]
  • Ferrous Processing and Trading Alco switcher RE705 in Detroit
  • Central Michigan 2014  at Wenona Yard, Bay City  [Paul Cameron]

  • CN 5633  on the Flint subdivision near Port Huron  [Dan Meinhard]

Photo Album Page 13   [Posted: October-November, 2001]
  • CN 5633 with a multi-level auto train in the snow [Dan Meinhard]
  • TSBY 393 heads back towards Owosso after interchanging with the AA
  • NS 7118 heads through Delray with a lumber load
  • UP 4275 leads a CN auto rack train WB at Creyts Road near Lansing

Photo Album Page 12   [Posted: October, 2001]
  • CN 5434 WB autorack train  at Waverly Road in Lansing

  • Greenfield Village Railroad's "Edison" highballs  the main [Jim Harlow]

  • TSBY 391 pulls its overpowered train through Byron [Mark Dobronski]

  • The Chessie Kitten - 1961 [Dan Meinhard collection]

Photo Album Page 11   [Posted: October, 2001]
  • CSX Delray Tower, railroad's gateway from the south
  • Adrian & Blissfield  passenger extra at Palmyra [Mark Dobronski]
  • TSBY 385 leads passenger extra in downtown Cadillac - [Ray Kammer]
  • Pere Marquette 1225 stops at Mt. Pleasant, MI  [Chris Jacks]

Photo Album Page 10   [Posted: September, 2001]
  • Coe Rail dinner train at the former GTW Walled Lake Depot [Dobronski]
  • Its twilight and the WC switches cars on the wye at Powers, MI.

  • Amtrak/VIA #86 stops at East Lansing to take on passengers

  • Central Michigan 9712 leads NB train at Durand yard [Dobronski]

Photo Album Page 9   [Posted: September, 2001]
  • Pandrol Jackson rail grinding train at CSX Rougemere Yard
  • Amtrak #355 at CP Lou (Wyoming Avenue) in east Dearborn
  • CN 5306 westbound over the diamond at Durand, MI  [Dobronski]

  • NARCOA motor car trip on the LS&I, east of Eagle Mills in Marquette

Photo Album Page 8   [Posted: August, 2001]
  • NS5214 (L61) works the Ann Arbor RR Milan Yard
  • Ohio Central 6325 (former GTW) under first steam
  • TSBY #392 at Howell with a passenger extra during the Howell Mellon Festival
  • LS&I Control Operator at Eagle Mills
History Album Page 2   [Posted: August, 2001]
  • Detroit, Bay City & Alpena train over the Rifle River trestle - 1880's
  • Detroit & Mackinac 466 pulling last passenger train on D&M - 1951
Photo Album Page 7   [Posted: July, 2001]
  • E&LS Crew Waits for motor car procession  to pass at Ontonagon
  • Norfolk Southern (Conrail) 5403 pulls southbound at Delray Interlocker
  • WC Eastbound at Powers, MI passes the local switcher (2nd unit GP30)
  • CSS 206 stands ready at the ADM Countrymark Co-op at Webberville
Photo Album Page 6   [Posted: July, 2001]
  • CN 5771 pulls through NS Bridge near the Ford Rouge Plant, west of Delray. [Dobronski photo]
  • Michigan State's "Spartan" engine waits to move coal cars  at the MSU power plant in East Lansing, MI
  • CSX D712 south, with 2 GP38-2's heads across the swing bridge at Manistee, headed for the evening meet Walhalla with about 40 cars.  7/12/01
  • Lake State Railway 381 at Alger Michigan in the snow. [Spencer]
History Album Page 1   [Posted: June, 2001]
  • NYC 5654 NB at Lapeer Interlocker, Feb. 1966
  • Boyne City, Gaylord & Alpena Roundhouse, Boyne City, c. 1905
  • Michigan Central Railroad Station, Dearborn, MI  Early 1900's
  • Detroit & Mackinac Railroad, Harrisville Depot Early 1900's
Photo Album Page 5   [Posted: June, 2001]
  • NS Saginaw (Lansing) Yard Switcher 1402 sits on the sidelines while its bigger brothers wait
  • Escanaba & Lake Superior 300 leading a train over the Falls River Bridge
  • Escanaba & Lake Superior 300 Balwin VO1200
  • Amtrak 350 leaves the Jackson Depot.  A new Amtrak paint job on #33 in front of perhaps the nation's oldest Amtrak depot.
Photo Album Page 4   [Posted: June, 2001]
  • Amtrak #353 WB on the NS Michigan Line at CP-Townline
  • NS Research Train in Jackson Yard
  • The "Witch's Hat" - South Lyon's GTW/Pere Marquette Union Station
  • Amtrak #353 pushed WB on approach to the Jackson Depot
Photo Album Page 3   [Posted: May, 2001]
  • UP 6017 heads up a WB NS autorack train, crossing the CSX Romulus Diamond
  • NS (Conrail) 3067 places scrap steel gons on the Jackson Belt Line
  • BNSF #645 at Durand, On the Wye Towards Detroit  [Dale Berry]
  • AuSable Valley Railroad - Fairview, Michigan  [Dale Berry]
Photo Album Page 2   [Posted: April, 2001]
  • TSBY 389 at Alma, Michigan
  • Amtrak 351 at CP 99 Near Albion  [Dale Berry]
  • Delray Connecting #3 near Zug Island  [Dale Berry]
  • TSBY Maple Syrup Festival Train Arrives at Shepherd
Photo Album Page 1   [Posted: March, 2001]
  • CP Train 503 WB at South Lyon  [Dale Berry]
  • CSX 9993 Bush Pilot Train West of Durand  [Dale Berry]
  • LSRC 798 at Wenona Yard, Bay City  [Dale Berry]
  • NS Derailment at Kendalville, Indiana [Mike Snow]

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