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Photo Album Page 262

  • Great Lakes Central 385 passes through Hoosier Valley.  [Mark Andersen]

  • NKP 765 and PM 1225 doublehead at Marion.  [Dan Bronsink]

  • Amtrak's Wolverine heads EB at CP 99 [Dale Berry]

  • CN 5640 with SORE-4 heads east at Partridge Yard.  [Mark Andersen]

Photo Album Page 261

  • AA 7802  passes Hallet Tower on the approach to Toledo.  [Nathan Nietering]

  • NS 8755 backs three cars up the Lansing Branch in Albion.  [Dale Berry]

  • BNSF 5124 leads a CSX freight  east of South Lyon. [Dale Berry]

  • Canadian Pacific 9548 coming around the Foreman Wye.  [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 260

  • Huron & Eastern Train 702 at the Saginaw River Drawbridge [Jim Slater]

  • Art Train Caboose No. 2, on NS Train 39J at Botsford.  [Nathan Nieterng]

  • Amtrak at "Show and Tell" day at Toledo's Union Station. [Mark Dobronski]

  • CN train L539 rolls through the West Wye at Ishpeming.  [Mark Andersen]

Photo Album Page 259

  • The Adrian & Blissfield 1751 and 1752 east of Lenawee Jct.  [Ron Weyher]

  • NS 2582 is eastbound at Milan, MI  June, 1010  [Nathan Nietering]

  • BNSF 5924 is at MP 72 near Hartford.   [Nathan Nietering]

  • Soo Line 6060 leads a train off the CSX at Delray.  [Nathan Nietering]

Photo Album Page 258

  • The CN Santa Train at the Ensign siding.   [Neil Plagens]

  • CSX 7614 light power is photographed at Middle River.  [Nathan Nietering]

  • Indiana Northeastern 1602 leads the Coldwater.   [Nathan Nietering]

  • CN 5611 heads up an intermodal train near New Haven.   [Nathan Nietering]

Photo Album Page 257

  • CP 8849 is SB on Conrail Shared Assets approaching. [Dale Berry]

  • Central Michigan (HESR) 2214 waits to enter Durand.  [Russ Hill]

  • The "Hiawatha" brings up the rear of an SRI special.  [Dale Berry]

  • Amtrak 355 prepares to depart Jackson station.  [Mark Dobronski]

Photo Album Page 256

  • CN 2586 heads SB beneath the old catenary arches.   [Nathan Nietering]

  • Ann Arbor Railroad 2373 is NB through Ann Arbor.  [Jack Floyd]

  • A NS inspection train is NB on Conrail at Delray Tower.  [Ken Borg]

  • A new slogan on a Grand Elk Railroad box car.   [Nathan Nietering]

Photo Album Page 255

  • Amtrak 35 leads train 365 near Kalamazoo.  [Nathan Nietering]

  • Vreeland Rail #600 approaches Winthrop Jct..  [Mark Andersen]

  • CSX 358 with Train Q335 at Wick, Michigan.  [Nathan Nietering]

  • Little River Railroad #110 with the Hillsdale Flyer.  [Jack Watts]

Photo Album Page 254

  • CP 9548 approaches the NS Rouge Bridge. [Dale Berry]

  • Huron & Eastern Train 702 passes through Bay City.  [Jim Slater]

  • Conrail 3066 leads B1G past BO Tower in Kalamazoo.  [Nathan Nietering]

  • The former Pere Marquette station in Bay City, Michigan.  [Jim Slater]

Photo Album Page 253

  • CN Train 383 approaches Carleton diamond on the I&O. [Nathan Nietering]

  • Great Lakes Central 391 approaches Five Mile Road.  [Nathan Nietering]

  • NS 5348 drags coke hoppers on the Union Belt.  [Dale Berry]

  • BNSF 9653 returns empties from the Monroe power plant.  [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 252

  • Amtrak 350 approaches the Ann Arbor station.  [Nathan Nietering]

  • CN SORE-4 crosses Goose Lake.  [Mark Andersen]

  • CSX Genset 1300 switches the Rougemere Yard.  [Dale Berry]

  • Grand Elk Train 302 splits the signals at CP Bristol.  [Nathan Nietering]

Photo Album Page 251

  • Local volunteers work on the restored Millersburg depot  [Jim Slater]

  • CP 8842 leads a train of auto racks at Willis, MI.  [Nathan Nietering]

  • LSRC 1181 leads a freight through Roscommon, MI.  [Kelly Countryman]

  • LS&I's 7:00 a.m. Tilden Job at Eagle Mills Jct.  [Mark Andersen]

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