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Photo Album Page 225

  • Taconite pellets cover the ballast near Presque Isle  [Chris Kowalewski]

  • Families watch the Wolverine pull into Kalamazoo.  [Eric VanderKooi]

  • Little River No. 110 pulls into Hillsdale from Coldwater.  [Mark Andersen]

  • CSX 8395 with train Q327 pulls through Plymouth. [Nathan Nietering]

Photo Album Page 224

  • Huckleberry Railroad No. 464 steams through the woods.  [Dan Meinhard]

  • Soo Line 6048 crosses 8th Street in Holland, leading X501.  [J. R. Valderas]

  • LSRC 3500 makes up the SB train at Alpena Jct.  [Dale Berry]

  • Conrail (NS) 6768, leads 39J SB near Schoolcraft.  [Nathan Nietering]

Photo Album Page 223

  • CSX 4832 leads Q305 westbound at Delray.  [Nathan Nietering]

  • MSO 907 travels on the "Old Road" near White Pigeon.  [Nathan Nietering]

  • A CN inspection train is passed at Trowbridge. [Merritt Scharnweber]

  • NS trains change crews at Richmond, Indiana  [Pete Bloom]

Photo Album Page 222

  • Conrail (NS) 6798 leads train 38J east at Comstock, MI.  [Nathan Nietering]

  • Illinois Central 3107, heads through Eagle Mills Jct.  [Mark Andersen]

  • Amtrak train 350 passes BO Tower in Kalamazoo.  [Nathan Nietering]

  • LS&I 3006 cuts through the fall colors at Eagle Mills Jct.  [Mark Andersen]

Photo Album Page 221

  • CN train 384 at Woodward Avenue in Detroit.   2004   [Jack Stewart]

  • AARR 2373 leads the NB train through the former Ferry Yard [Dale Berry]

  • NS 2512 leads a merchandise train westbound at Vickers.  [Dale Berry]

  • Three brightly painted cabooses at the Lapeer Amtrak depot. [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 220

  • Amtrak 90210 leads train 350 east of Kalamazoo.  [Nathan Nietering]

  • Wisconsin Central 3004 parked at Menominee, WI depot.  [Dale Berry]

  • CSX Train 392 crosses Middle (Rouge) River, Northville.  [Nathan Nietering]

  • South Shore street running in Michigan City, Indiana.  [Nathan Nietering]

Photo Album Page 219

  • A leased CSX unit is tested on the LS&I.  [Dale Berry Collection]

  • CSX 5937 leads a westbound train at Romulus  [Rick McOmber]

  • Lake State Ry. 281 spots a tank car in downtown Gaylord.  [Dale Berry]

  • Conrail 3062 with train W9J at Gibson Street, Kalamazoo [Nathan Nieering]

Photo Album Page 218

  • GTW 4621 works Kalamazoo Secondary.  [Nathan Nietering]

  • The ex-Coe Rail F-Unit makes a set off at Wixom.  [Jim Slater]

  • NS and CSX trains meet at North Lansing/Ensel.  [Jim Slater]

  • Union Pacific 5103 leads an autorack train at Schoolcraft [Nathan Nietering]

Photo Album Page 217

  • NS Train 39J passes Vine Street, Kalamazoo.  [Nathan Nietering]

  • PM 1225 passes the Oakley, Michigan elevator.  [Kasie Cox]

  • Amtrak 353 passes the NS local at West Botsford Yard.  [Nathan Nietering]

  • Great Lakes Central plow extra near Harrietta.  [Kelly Countryman]

Photo Album Page 216

  • Great Lakes Central 392 plows north of Alba, Michigan. [Kelly Countryman]

  • CSX 8813 pulls train Q335 up the hill towards Salem.  [Nathan Nietering]

  • INER 1602 works at the grain elevator at Reading.  [Michael Koprowicz]

  • CN train 243 approaches Durand during a snow storm.   [Jack Stewart]

Photo Album Page 215

  • ADBF 1760 exits the engine house with a new coat of paint.  [Todd Osment]

  • Amtrak's Pere Marquette stops at Fennville.  2005  [J. R. Valderas]

  • BNSF 5100 powers NS train 38J in front of the NEW Center. [Steven Williams]

  • LS&I Hill Job approaches the scale near Eagle Mills.  [Mark Andersen]

Photo Album Page 214

  • NS train 38J switches out the elevators at Four Mile Lake. [Mark Dobronski]

  • NS power approaches the Albion passenger station.  [Dale Berry]

  • Canadian Pacific 8829 leaves the siding EB at Raisin Center [Jeff Williams]

  • LSRC locomotives switch inside the LaFarge cement plant   [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 213

  • CSX 7817 leads an EB intermodal train at Fostoria, Ohio.  [Dale Berry]

  • Old Checker No. 1 sits on standby at  Blissfield.   [Doug Leffler]

  • CN freight passes through Saginaw Street.  2007.  [Charlie Whipp]

  • Delray Connecting No. 003 crosses Jefferson Avenue   [Nathan Nietering]

Photo Album Page 212

  • Huron & Eastern 3866 leads a train east of Vasser.  [Dale Berry]

  • Little River Railroad 110 chugs into Coldwater.  [Jack Watts]

  • Amtrak 128 leads train 355 westbound at Dearborn.  [Nathan Nietering]

  • SSAM ore jennies are unloaded at the Tilden Mine.  [Mark Enright].

Photo Album Page 211

  • An ex-Coe Rail F-Unit switches the CSX interchange at Wixom. [Jim Slater]

  • A variety of NS locomotives stage at Botsford Yard.  [Nathan Nietering]

  • Sparks fly as a rail grinder approaches Stanley Tower. [Dale Berry]

  • CP 9827 approaches P-Company Jct. in Dearborn.  [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 210

  • The LS&I Tilden ore job pulls loads under a shower.  [Mick Enright]

  • CSX 8605 turn on the wye at Wealthy St., Grand Rapids.  [Ran Van Velsen]

  • Michigan Southern 907 backs a tank car at Sturgis.   [Nathan Nietering]

  • CN 5677 stops in emergency on the NS Rouge Bridge in Detroit. [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 209

  • Lake States 3500 prepares at train at Alpena Jct. [Dale Berry]

  • Conrail 5237 pulls a drag on the Marsh track.  [Dale Berry]

  • W&LE 3067 powers a CSX freight at Erie, MI.  [Jeff Williams]

  • Amtrak 353 passes BO Tower at Kalamazoo.  [Nathan Nietering]

Photo Album Page 208

  • Delray Connecting 003 is photographed in Detroit.  [Michael Koprowicz]

  • NS 2562 with train 37J at White Pigeon.  [Nathan Nietering]

  • A NARCOA sponsored trip pauses at the Sebewing depot.  [Dale Berry]

  • A CP container train heads east through Milan, MI.  [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 207

  • The evening Amtrak train leaves the historic Jackson depot.  [Dale Berry]

  • E&LS 400 leads light power through Mass City.  [Mark Andersen]

  • CSX 58 awaits a recrew at Walbridge Yard, near Toledo.  [Dale Berry]

  • CN 6401 works at Dunn Paper in Port Huron.  [Dan Meinhard]

Photo Album Page 206

  • Soo Line 6051 leads train 23T at Elkhart, Indiaa  [Nathan Nietering]

  • LSRC 798 prepares the southbound train at Alpena Jct.  [Dale Berry]

  • Conrail 6805 leads a TOFC train at East Toledo.  [Dale Berry]

  • CN 5588 sits on display at the riverfront park, Windsor.  [Larry Gibson]

Photo Album Page 205

  • A Canadian National test train passes through Charlotte.  [Larry Gibson]

  • NS 4615 waits in the yard for the NB Ann Arbor local  [Dale Berry]

  • NS 5192 waits to depart as CSX 1238 heads back to Delray [Pete Bloom]

  • Pere Marquette 1225 stops at Oakley, Michigan  [Kasie Cox]

Photo Album Page 204

  • Amtrak 364 passes BO Tower in Kalamazoo.  [Nathan Nietering]

  • The LS&I Tilden Job passes Empire Jct.  [Mark Andersen]

  • CSX Train Q327 passes through South Lyon.  [Mike Tabone]

  • INER units await assignment in Hillsdale Yard.  [Michael Koprowicz]

Photo Album Page 203

  • CP 9821 leads a train on the NS at CP Stan, near Adrian. [Jeff Williams]

  • A Central Michigan coal train waits on the siding near Durand.  [Dan Lucas]

  • Conrail (NS) 3066 heads east towards Augusta.  [Nathan Nietering]

  • The Artrain caboose brings up the rear of 39J.  [Nathan Nietering]

Photo Album Page 202

  • GTW 4624 shoves a string of cars into Moterm Yard, Ferndale.  [Pete Bloom]

  • A 7802 leads a train over the Huron River Bridge, Ann Arbor.  [Dale Berry

  • NS 9410 in the lead of train 39E at Sterling Yard.  [Pete Bloom]

  • D&RGW 5391 crosses the lower Maumee River bridge.  [Dale Berry]

Photo Album Page 201

  • Amtrak 27 leads Train 351 past Botsford Yard.  [Nathan Nietering]

  • WC 3002 passes the old signal at Winthrop Jct. [Mark Andersen]

  • CSX 7877 powers westbound at Ann Pere crossing. [Richard Wolinski]

  • GR&E 5106 pulls past the Witch's Hat depot at Saranac. [Neil Plagens]

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