Sending Photos

How to Send In Digital Photos:
  Digitazed photos can be e-mailed as an attachment to  Please do not "zip" the photos unless you must.  Regular photos (which are not digital) cannot be accepted, without advanced notice.  If you want to send a paper photo, send an e-mail message first for instructions.
What about copyrights?
  Good point.  Unless you took the picture yourself, please don't send it without permission.  We don't place pictures without permission and will remove them if we are advised of copyright problems.  Your submission of the photo gives us permission to post it on the web.  Please note that we have no control over who downloads your photo and how they use it once it is posted on our site.  From a practical standpoint, the pictures we use on the web are reduced to about 30kb for rapid by loading by browsers at 28.8k.  Therefore, these prints generally don't provide useable prints if someone were to take them for personal gain.
Will I get credit for the photo?
  Sure.  Your name as the artist or collector will be included in the caption.
What is my photo has my name or other info overlayed on it?
  We have a policy of not using photos with the photographer's name overlayed on the picture, because we feel if ruins the artistic features of the picture.  In some cases we can remove the overlay with our photo editor, but we must have your permission to do so.
What will you do with the photos?
  Guest photos will be placed in the Guest Photo Album if they meet the criteria listed below.  The best photos will be put on the home page.  Please be patient as there may be a waiting list for home page photos.  I only change them about twice each week.  Our web hosting space is limited and photos may not be used if space limits.
What are the best photos to send?
  Photos for this site should meet the following artistic and technical specifications:
  • The photo should be from Michigan, northern Ohio or Indiana (which is in the area that this site covers).
  • The picture should be taken by camera which is at least 1-meg per photo, or it can be scanned.  The resulting .jpg file size should be a minimum of about 225 kb in size.
  • The photo should be interesting... the surroundings are just as important as the subject matter.  Another words, engine/train shots are much more interesting if the photo is in interesting surroundings
  • Please submit a variety of railroads and settings.