Getting a Password

About Password Protection:
  The bulletin boards linked to are password protected.  You can read the boards, but you must have a password to post a message. hosts three bulletin boards:
  • Lower Peninsula Message Board
  • Upper Peninsula Message Board
  • RRHX Railroad History Message Board
How can I get a password for the 3 boards?
  To apply for a password, send an email to:

Include the following information:

  • Requested Username (this can be a pseudonym)
  • Requested Password
  • Your real First and Last Name (required)
  • Your Email Address

Due to time commitments, it may take as long as 10-14 days to get you your password.  Please be patient.  Also, pick your user name carefully, it is difficult to change.

Do I need to enter my password every time?
  No.  Once you enter your user name and password the first time, you should be able to post in the future without reentering the information.  You must have "cookies" turned on in your browser or you will be required to log in each and every time.  Note:  User names and passwords are case sensitive.
What if I want to change my password or user name?
  You will need to make a request to the moderator.  Submit your request to  Please limit these changes to  important requests only.  With over 1,000 users, only a limited number of username requests can be accommodated.